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For details go to facts.  One of the ships is a Destroyer named for an Englishman.  The fourth such ship to be named after an Englishman.  See  This is a Arleigh Burke class Destroyer.  See http://en.wik...
I'm adding this to my Wounded Warriors blog, see
Check out this new service for New York City residents.  go to  NotifyNYC this is what you will see Notifications: If an emergency occurs and has potential to impact one of the four pilot areas, notifications will provide subscribers with basic information about the incident and status updates.Al...
Earth day and a beautiful one at that, in New York.  As an Eltingville, Staten Islander, we are only 17 miles from the New York Aquarium at Coney Island, which was an island at one time till they filled in the little space between mainland Brooklyn and "Coney Island"  So they put a great aquarium...
Who would tax you up to 63% of your income?  Now I'm not writing to those people who pay 20 or 24% of their income in taxes but I'd like to hear from those who actually would pay that much.  I talking about Federal income tax, state income tax, city income tax, fica  12.4% of taxable income and d...
Three years ago I received my Realtor license.  So, I need a good cell phone, right?  I get a Motorola from Verizon.  With insurance, "Just in case".  A few day ago I had a problem with charging the batteries.  I went to the store and put my best sales resistance hat on.  After a brief conversati...
I'm on the "Do Not Call" registry, however that doesn't stop telemarketers from calling me.  I was thinking that I should just hang up, but will not discourage them from calling me in the future.  So, I'm asking everyone to tell them, just a minute, let me get my information and then see how long...

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