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  Is it just my area or are you also experiencing a lack of professional conduct and dress? I'm not only talking about showing a house, whether it's your listing or not, but also at closings? I have been a homeowner since 1966, and everyone was dressed nice and spoke property. Recently, in my are...
How many junk e-mails do you get each day.  How do you cope with the trash?  I get about 300 every day and I just can't go to block e-mail on every one.  I just scroll down and select all, then delete.  Then I go to deleted items and again select all and delete.  Any help to make it easier?  Than...
The list of people who are not liked.  Attorneys must be on or near the top.  Certainly used car salespeople, and yes real estate salespeople.  So does anyone know what the public thinks?  And please tell us where the list comes from.  Sales people MAKE things happen, others wonder what happened....
When an attorney at the closing asks you to reduce your commission? Funny, you don't even exist, at a closing until there is an issue involving money.  Then the attorneys all of a sudden look your way and recognize you and call you aside.  Now your a VIP.  Then the question comes.  So, how do you...
When do I make my offer? How much do I bid? Should I wait for the price to drop a little? Should I work with several different agents or just stick with one? How do I know what I can afford? Is this house right for me? Answers will vary according to your likes and dislikes and your financial posi...
Hello New York City, and our visiting sailors.  Look up in the shy after 10 AM Saturday and Sunday and you just might see the Blue Angles flying in formation and doing their thing.  You might get lucky if you take a free ride on the Staten Island ferry because I understand they fly by the statue ...
Dell, the computer store service, fantastic.  Would you believe, I called in my order on Wednesday night at 8:45 and got my order at my front door today at 9:55 AM.  That's 13 hours.  True, I paid $16.00 for express delivery, but did not expect service this fast.  It came via DHL, the yellow truc...
Good news form the New York Times article on John Gambling's return to morning talk radio, "John R. Gambling, who left WOR radio in New York in 2000, will return to the station with a morning show beginning at 5:30 on Monday, The Associated Press reported. His grandfather John B. Gambling began m...

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