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Big price reduction for a lovely all brick ranch.  Hardwood flooring, wood burning fireplace in large living room, baseboard hot water heat, gas, central air, security and fire alarm, 3 bedrooms, one and 3/4 baths, heated shop and heated over sized garage, large basement rec room with heat, and k...
All we hear in the news today is that 200,000 people showed up to hear an American give a speech in Germany.  Now you have to give him credit, he knowes how to draw a crowd.  Some salesman. What you don't hear is why those 200,000 people came to be there.  How about to hear two very popular rock ...
I went to Home Depot and bought a garden sprayer, ordered the Kirby carpet cleaning shampoo, got a scrub brush with a long handle and that's it.  I used cold water so I would not stretch the carpet, put about 20% cleaning solution in the sprayer and added the rest with cold water.  I sprayed an a...
Thirty-nine years ago today, Neil Armstrong was the first human to walk on the moon.  His first words were not broadcast as he intended it to be.  I remember watching on a giant TV at Rockerfeller Center, and I heard him say "That's one small step for man, that's one giant leap for man", meaning ...
Click on the link below, I'm running for President. ...
Not by calling Gico, but by taking a defensive driving course.  The all day course cost me ten dollars for myself and ten dollars for my wife.  Who did not want to go.  Today I called my company, Liberty Mutual, who by the way gives a discount to members of the National Association of Realtor mem...
I have a lovely Cape in New Dorp Heights, Staten Island.  It's 50 years old, looks like in excellent condition, but what about all the things a home inspector looks for?  We have the usual minor things that customers ask about and I thought about having a "Pre Inspection" done to make the home mo...
How are you different from other agents?  Be careful here, different is not always better, but better IS different. I'm not new to the business.  Having bought and sold 9 properties in the last 45 years as a consumer, and now for the last three years as a professional, have some history behind me...
And if so, how do you know?  A few weeks ago we left the garage door open all night.  I thought, I must have a mouse now.  So, I put out a couple of traps, baited with the old standby peanut butter, and after 2 weeks, nothing.  So I told my wife, "we lucked out, no mice".  We then went on a littl...
I mean talking to a buyer or seller, showing a home or two, etc.  Not looking for comps or expiredes. My office is closed today, but I'm working and happy to do so.  Just got back from a customer with an offer on one of my listings. What a great country we live in.  How neat is it to wake up in t...

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