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Were held today, who do you think would win?  And why? Not who would you vote for.
Same old, same old.  I'm going to fix this and that.  I'm the "ONE".  This is our time.  I've been hearing this nonsense for over 40 years.  Not much has changed.  The real "One" was assassinated,  And the dream died.  This much I know.  Show me what you did, who your friends are, and then tell m...
Not what they say is the issue, but what is most important to you? It's the issues I'm asking.  Don't tell me who you're voting for, just what is important to you. National security?  Abortion?  Taxes?  Economy?  Rich vs. poor?  Crime?  Illegal immigration?  Legal immigration?  English only?  Edu...
On the front and back of Realtors business cards?
OK ladies can read also.  If you have a gasoline engine on a yard tool, take note. We all have filters on our gas cans to filter out the gunk, right?  Well take a look at the photo below.  It's what I filtered out AFTER the gas went through my regular gas can filter.  Now that is not from one gal...
Any help to prevent my squirrels from eating my tomatoes?
On Staten Island today 17 Aug 2008.  Here are a few photos.  We had about 800 people, a police helicopter flyby, and a few GREAT flying sorties, World War 1 planes, World War 2 planes, Jets, sport planes, even a flying lawn mower.  Also a model 727, the Billy Mitchell B-25, what a beauty.  Two me...
Why do people print misleading information?  If your new house cost $350,000 you are  going to get a $7,500 tax credit.  But that's not all. What you might come to believe when you read their ads, is it's free.  And no mention of payback.  Seems like the government is just giving away money. Just...
Come on.  Why do some people insist on calling a loft, or porch or anything else that is NOT a bedroom, a bedroom?  How do you feel when you go to a house and it's listed as 3 bedrooms and it's NOT?  Is is not frustrating?  Just today my local MLS office had to put out a notice for Realtors to ca...
Bring the children, Grandpa and Grandma, to Gateway National Recreation Area, (Great Kills Park), Staten Island.  Starts at 11 AM till 1:30 PM.  See Radio controlled aerobatics, all sorts of aircraft, WW1, WW2, sport aircraft, twin engine, biplanes, etc. Brownies Hobbies will raffle (free) a mode...

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