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How the 750 billion bailout plan really works in the minds of us laymen. copy and paste to your browser.   see
We've come a long way from Lingberg's first flight across the Atlantic.  For all of us who fly, weather we like it, me, or not, this is a pilot view of a landing in San Francisco.  Absolutely fabulous photography.  Most of us have no idea what goes into flying a giant aircraft, let alone landing ...
What a city.  We just hired 1129 new Police.  And a very nice mixture of our city.  According to today's New York Daily News, page 7 275 have a 4 year college degree, 158 have served in the military, thank you, 255 were born overseas, 28% are Hispanic, 12% Black, 8% As...
Can anyone tell me how I can stop getting 500-600 junk e-mails every day?  I have seen other agents e-mails asking for a code or something for a real live person to type in so that they don't get those automated junk advertising.  This is taking up too much of my time looking over them and then d...
I just checked with our mortgage banker,, and Scott 718-966-4000 told me todays rates for those with credit score of 720 or above can get 4.875%.  Wow!  Good news for both buyers and sellers.  Think of it this way.  If you could only afford to buy a property at $375,000 six ...
According to an article printed in Wednesday's edition of the Staten Island Advance, see identity theft is alive and well here on Staten Island, and I would suspect, all over the world.  If you want to protect you...
Today I read in the local paper, the toll on the Verrazano bridge, connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn,  could go to $14.00.  Absolutely outrageous!  It's now $10.00 and we think it can't get worse.  I guess we're thinking wrong.  I understand most bridges in the USA are free to cross,  what's t...
When was the last time you called some sick friend, talked a bit and wished them well?  Have you ever said to yourself, I've been sick for so many days and nobody even called?  If so, maybe it's time for you to pass it forward.  You know, "what goes around comes around".  Plant some good will, ca...
Has to be a person you know personally, like a fellow Realtor, mother, brother, son, daughter, father, etc. This is your chance to give recognition, publicly.  You need not give a name, but would be nice to list why you admire this person. There are two people in my life that fit the bill.  One i...
Need some help here.  I need a new computer, must have a DVD burner, enough RAM for airplane simulator, and plenty of storage for my videos and pictures.  Presently, I have a Dell, I'm looking at some refurbished units.  Anyone have good luck with these units?  I'm thinking, if a NEW unit has a p...

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