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Click on the link below for video, 2 min 33 seconds. Call Kenneth for all your Real Estate Needs. Visit his web site at download video about Kenneth, 2 Min 33 seconds. for help with sale or purchase on ...
Michael Goodwin's column "From anger to madness.  read it here at   What is going on with our government?  Do we put our heads in the sand?  And hope for the best?  How do we fight for what is ...
The wait is almost over.  This one family fully detached on over sized property is just about ready for market.  If you're looking for a lovely quiet bedroom community to live in, near shopping, transportation, parks, schools, call or e-mail and I'll put you on my list to call as soon as this goe...
Do you use map quest or some other map service to route your showings?  When you show 5 or 6 houses in a row, how do you plan your day?  I try to get one after the other in time and near each.  Otherwise I'd be going back and forth and burning up the gas when I don't have to.  Sometimes I just ca...
I quit smoking over 40 years ago.  Now I know the prices have changed over the years.  Let us assume that the value of a pack of cigarettes averages just $5.00 a pack.  One pack a day equals 365 packs a year, times forty years.  Comes to $73,000.  If you take a lower average price of $4.00 a pack...
Don't forget to put your clocks AHEAD one hour tonight.  Kind of early this year right?  So, it's SPRING ahead, FALL back.  If your state goes with the flow, daylight changes one full hour in the morning and in the evening.  Sunrise will be DELAYED by one hour and sunset DELAYED for one hour.  Tr...
If your home is for sale, why can't we get in to see it?  Don't you trust your agent?  Or is your agent not available to show your property when you're not home?  And by the way, you should not be at home.  I can't tell you how many houses I try to see with a customer and get no response when we ...
Almost ready, call or e-mail me today because when it's officially on the market, it will not last long.  I know, I know, you always see that in the ads, but this is real.  I'll keep you posted and you can see for yourself.  Maybe you know someone who would like to live in this GREAT area, or may...
People are coming out.  Buyers are buying.  Business is starting to turn around.  Maybe it's just me, or my agency, but we are busy.  I just sold a unit in 36 days, and my homeowner has just found his choice after 4 days and 12 houses.  So, how are thing in you area? Another blog under 300 words.
What's the difference?  As I understand it, a democracy is the majority rules.  Forget right or wrong, if the majority wants it, it law.  In a republic, the rights of an individual trumps the rights of the many. For example, if one person is treated unfairly, handycaped in wheelchair can't climb ...

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