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Well, first, we are really a bedroom community for Manhattan.  But we have over 450,000 people here.  That equals or better than the whole state of Alaska.  And we are only 8X16 miles, and not a rectangle either, so it's less than 128 sq. miles.  I have a few video if you care to look.  Mostly pa...
To be more accurate, he is an independent business owner.  He started part time and is working his way to making it a full time business.  The people his is working with, or shall I say helping him to build his business, are the nicest people you would want to meet.  You can see what it's all abo...
A new bath, complete with new walls, floor, window, shower, tub, sink and commode.  Of course new plumbing and electrical fixtures, lighting, and a grab bar, glass shower doors, tile, and vent. see the old bath first.. and now the new.....with a separate shower and custom cabinets was it worth it...
Don't you just love it?  Do you have any favorite pictures of spring that you would like to share with those of us that love to look at photographs?  Here is mine.  Feel free to use it any way you want.  I'm making a folder of the best things I like about my house, because some day, it will go on...
This I'm told is the hotest spot, at one time it was about 200 degrees in this area.  Take a look, this 30 second video shows what a beautiful, but odd, shall I dare to say wasteland, this place is.  You can hear the steam coming from the ground, super heated ground water being forced up because ...
A real joy for a city boy like me to visit your lovely city.  With the clean air, majestic mountains, and nice people, I'd love to come back.  Just stayed in your town one day, as we finished our vacation in Yellowstone National Park, and you treated me like family.  I hope you get the same treat...
Just a. special "Thank you" to all our deceased veterans.  I can not say in words what we the living owe you.  As I age, I can see and appreciate more and more the great country we live in.  And it's because of you, who gave your lives, that we do enjoy the freedom we have.  We should never forge...
To be more accurate, thank you Assistant Chief Stephen Paragallo regarding "Operation Safe Roadways" Too many drivers on Staten Island think they own the road and we should all get out of their way.  I hope this continues for the safety of all of us.  It's time we enforce traffic laws.  BTW, I'm ...
Until May 26, you can visit ships, visit the Intrepid, Sea, air & space museum during this special weekend to honor our great military and take a moment to reflect on those who gave their lives in our defense.   We are also playing host to our neighbors up north, Canada, has some ships docked her...
Another video of Yellowstone National Park.  From the bus I was in on my tour, the guide speaks about how the park service saved the Bison from extinction by adding 2 dozen from a local rancher.  This video has an added attraction of seeing a calf, about 2 weeks old with mom.  Enjoy    http://www...

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