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Author of the New York Times best seller "Making Jack Falcone" soon to be a movie, wrote a letter to campaign workers for Michael Grimm.  See the story, unfolding today at the rally for our next congressman, Michael Grimm  
Michael Grimm for Congress, Staten Island, New York Today Saturday Oct 30, 2010 we heard testimony from one of our local war heroes.  Conor Buckley who served with Michael Grimm in the first Gulf war.  See the youtube video of his story told at Michael Grimm's rally.  Ask yourself what manor of m...
Thinking of buying a property?  Here is an easy mortgage calculator to help you do the numbers.  Remember, even if your monthly payments are more then what your rent is now, you will have a tax write off with the interest deduction and real estate taxes.  With prices very low, and interest rates ...
I just received this email from a friend.  Thought it was dead.  What do you think? I have gone into THOMAS (Library of Congress) and printed out and read all 15 pages of this bill which has been given the "Short Title" of "Debt Free America Act." It is the most socialistic thing I have ever read...
A retired couple transformed an old truck into a "Radio Flyer Red Wagon"   see RADIO FLYER CAR: Valley couple's Radio Flyer car turns heads -
Just received this from NYSAR.  check the details. The headline above applies to the New York State Assosiation of Realtors quote email I received 7 Oct 10   see the link;
From our tribute air show and picnic to our great U.S. Coast Guard, on Saturday 2 Oct 2010.  Just a little flyby, touch and go maneuvers and a view of some of the planes we fly.  A better day we could not have asked for.  A good time was had by all.  Enjoy the video.  Thank you to all our service...
Today, my club hosted our local U.S. Coast Guard for a fun day away from the stress of boarding ships to protect us.  We gave them flight demos, took them up with our buddy boxes, that's a extra flight controller, not unlike a car with an instructor who also has controls, and let them fly our air...
Just got an acceptance from the buyers and the sellers.  Do I love this business?  Absolutely.  Forty-one days on the market.  Not a record for me, 3 days, hard to beat, but we all are happy, especially in this market.  But, with prices low, and interest rates at a fifty year low, this IS a GREAT...

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