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Google me.  Why?  Well, how about what's out there for starters?  When was the last time you Googled yourself?  What did you find?  What will potential clients or customers find?  If you google your name, you will find what they find.  See Kenneth Cole Staten Island.  You will find my latest blog...
Attention all traffic jams.  Now you can avoid it.  See video below. Very interesting video.  This car "flys" at 40 miles per hour, if there is a strong head wind, it just might fly backward.  See my post about flying backward
Merry Christmas to all.  May I be the first to wish you.  Just thought I'd share this with you folks. Made in America, not mass produced.  See for more information.  This only took me 15 minutes to set up.  I'm very happy with it.  Quick and easy.  Check it out.  It's an ...
  Staten Island Sales from 09/01/2010 to 11/16/2010 TYPE                Total Sold                 Days on the Market          Median Sold Price      Average Sold Price 1 Fam Attached     65                                 95                            $323,000                  $318,502 2 Fam Att...
Thank you Mr. Jim Cahill.  And your crew of expert tree trimmers. You did a fantastic job.  No damage to my property, and even more important, no one got hurt.  Trimming can be VERY dangerous, so I'm doubly grateful.  Also, your men left my property cleaner than when they got here.  After all the...
Are you flying your plane backward? What you say?  A plane can actually fly backward?  Correct.  Take for example a Piper Cub. Small plane, flies around 60 miles an hour.  But if the conditions are right, say reduced speed to 40 miles an hour with a 70 mile an hour head wind, the plane will fly b...
Honor, Duty, Country, Thank you American Veterans All.  Thursday 11 Nov 2010, is Veterans Day.  Some services in your city will be closed in Honor of the fine women and men who put their lives on the line for you and me.  Granted some served in peace time, like me, but they wrote the same check t...
Attention all military veterans, Active military and honorably discharged.  Home Depot is offering 10% discounts every day. Just be sure to bring your ID.  I learned of this because when I shopped last time I was wearing my U.S.S. New York hat.  The cashier asked if I was in the military.  I said...

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