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Bird lovers across America.  If you're feeding the birds, keep an eye out that the feeders don't go empty.  With the really bad weather upon us, especially in the North East with the 18-40 inches of snow we just got, the little follows will need a lunch or two before the snow melts.  Just keep th...
What do you think is causing this icicle? It's over the kitchen area, where we have 4 high hat lights.  Instructions say do not put insulation around the lights.  Heat must be leaking into the attic and causing the snow to melt above.  Question #1  Am I correct?  Question #2  how to remedy this s...
Update on the snowstorm of Dec 26-27, 2010 A record snow fall of 28 inches fell on Staten Island, but the big problem was the wind blowing drifts up to 49 inches.  This caused even the railroad to shut down when a passenger train got stuck in Eltingville.  See photos below.
As of 8:07 P.M. on Sunday night on December 26, 2010 the weather for Staten Island, New York, Eltingville is; 26 degrees, wind blowing around 30 miles per hour, and the snow is 12-16 inches in drifts.  Listen to the report below, click on the picture for a voice report.  
 For Sunday December 26th, 2010 at 12 Noon Another ditty from our friends here on "the rain".  A talking picture, called fotobabble.  Easy to remember.  Free.  Take a look at what I just did.  Click on the link here   And a special thank you to Chris Hooks for telling me about this neat service. ...
Just received this email from a friend;  Please read.  Please send this information to ALL your family & friends, especially those who have kids in the car with them while pumping gas. If this were to happen, they may not be able to get the children out in time. MUST READ, EVEN IF YOU DON'T OWN A...
  Attention New York City Bound Travelers Notification issued 12/25/10 at 7:00 PM. The National Weather Service has issued a Blizzard Warning for New York City from 6:00 AM tomorrow through 6:00 PM Monday. The current forecast calls for 11-16 inches of snow accompanied by strong winds. With visib...
Hilarious talking animals from youtube,
Celtic Woman-O Holy Night : CoolestOne.Com  Celtic Woman live from the Helix Center in Dublin, Ireland performing A Christmas Celebration. The Coolest One - Home of Mel's Video Of The Day!
I liked this blog so much that I'm re-bloging it.  Think about how you can use the talking picture feature, like with customers and clients.  Comparing units with commentary, or just to greet them on first contact."60 Websites in 60 Minutes!" A few weeks ago I sat in on a pretty interesting works...

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