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That I can change the color of walls of houses in my photos.  Any help?
Food Safety Video, watch it for your own good.
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I got four wrong, How much do you know about our Country. Take this quiz and let us know how you did.  I got 4 wrong, not bad for a "Old timer" but there were 2 trick questions asked.  So maybe I could have done better if the questions were asked a little better.  But no excuses, hey I did OK. cl...
How can a Good Realtor save me money as opposed to selling by myself? If you sell your own home yourself, you will not have to pay a commission but by doing that will you actually SAVE  money? If your unit is perfect, and you are good at pricing houses, and negotiating terms and conditions, and h...
Attention ActiveRain Golfers How about Rain Camp in this area if Idaho?   I came across this video and just had to share it with you.  Some Realtors are real golfers and this would be a real treat to not only play a round here but also to meet some fellow "Rainers" at a spring or summer "Raincamp...
Is that the house they can't sell? I wonder what's wrong with it, it's been on the market a long time.  Maybe there's a building code violation on it and the bank won't finance it until it's corrected. Ever ask yourself this question? Sometimes, there is a building code violation and that's what'...
Why is pricing your house RIGHT so important? The biggest problem people have when selling their home is pricing their unit right. Why is it, that most homes don't sell at or near full price?   Everyone loves a bargain, but not every unit is a bargain. In my city, we just received our statements ...
Well take a look back, check this blog post from February 11, 2010 We just started February, and look at the forecast for the nation.  Thursday  next we will be having more snow in New York.  Check the forecast.  Snow flurries?  I hope so.  I can remember the worst snow storms come in February.  ...
Famous name gets me in trouble.  Today, in the New York Daily News is a post about the "Other" Kenneth Cole.  Apparently he said something about Egypt and a writer who has nothing to write about, wrote an article about him and gave him a tongue lashing saying he should stick to his day job. Well,...

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