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This is Eltingville, Staten Island Well part of Eltingville, I'll do another slide presentation for more viewing of great shopping, parks, and transportation.  So, for now, part 1 Turn your speakers on and take a look. BTW, I live and work and play in Eltingville, so if your looking to buy or sel...
My Congressman, Rep. Michael Grimm, has an office not far from my home here in Staten Island, N.Y. Having NEVER been to any congressman's office, and having some free time today, I decided to go.  It's good to see the office of the person who represents me in Congress,  and his staff. I happen to...
Fire Safety According to, 85% of fire deaths occur in the home. These are the leading causes. Kitchen fires. One third of all fires in houses are related to cooking. In my house, we always unplug the coffee maker and toaster when not in use. If we’re not at home and there...
Very hard to pick only three.  If you have not heard of this challenge, please read Craig's post. First; Jay Markanich    He's the first person I go to each morning.  I say to myself, "What words of wisdom does Jay have for us today.  see one of his features here.  If you don't know him my now, l...
Staten Island Board of Realtors Agent Day, March 24, 2011 Stating Jared James, a little quote taken from his website is below; Our local board President, Kathleen O'Leary Garbarino, kicked off the afternoon by introducing Mr. Jared James. Among the many Realtors present were Scott Setaro, of Appl...
House for sale 700 plus days, what do buyers think? What goes into your mind when you see that a house has been on the market for a long time?  Something is wrong, right?  Absolutely.  If everything was just dandy, it would have sold within a reasonable time period, say 90 days, right?  So, if yo...
This is a must see.  A highway made out of glass.  No kidding, and with all the bells a whistles.  Can generate electricity, save on landfill space by using "waste material".  These folks are thinking "out of the box" See for a very interesting video on this sub...
What I like to do for my clients at closing is to give them a gift album that they can choose their own gift. My daughter is an independent business owner with the Amway Global Corporation.  One of the products that they sell is a gift album priced from twenty-five dollars to over one thousand do...
New CPR instructions.  You can do this.  It just might save a life.  Take a look.   see
Spring Clean Up OK, weather is getting nice now, time to turn our attention outside.  Take a look around your property, what do you see?  Old man winter has left his mark, decaying leaves and twigs have stained sidewalks and step walls, green stains most likely mildew, on siding, gutters and conc...

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