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Check this out.  I know you will not be disappointed.  You must watch it to the end.
Check your weather from your iphone This just in;  you can download a free app from the app store, and see real time radar of your area.  Neat.  If you have an iphone, just go to the app store, search for kjrh, and when it loads click on kjrh interactive weather. Now scroll to you area and tap on...
New York Hurricane Watch Irene, Weather website 2011 Check out this website, it's my airplane clubs site.  You can get the latest weather forecast.  You can see a satellite image of the area, check wind conditions, temperature, relative humidity and much more. While you're there, see some of our ...
Pay your bills on line NOW, Hurricane Irene If you pay any bills on line, do it now before you lose power.  Hurricane Irene is working it's way up the eastern sea coast, and we all know it's not if but when we lose power.  Make sure your cell phone is fully charged, and don't use it unless you ha...
Staten Island Storm Watch, Hurricane Irene This is going to read backward, latest post first. Last update;  Sunday 28 August 2011, 11:35 AM, sun is out, a little breezy, looking good. Just checked my rain gage.  As of 10 AM we had 8 inches of rain in Eltingville 10 AM update;  Looks like Irene is...
Thank you Mr. Tow Truck driver Last week after heavy rain in Staten Island, we had over 8 inches, some homes were flooded and some cars also had problems when streets were flooded. My daughter's car had an alternator failure and she needed to call for a tow. She has AAA so, she called and a local...
Two Thousand one hundred dollare tax free, How I got it. I know every state, city, and family are different, but, did you know you can save big time if you take a "Safe  Driver" course? If you have points on your license, not us, but maybe someone you know, you can get some of those removed.  If ...
Just for air plane lovers
Mr. & Mrs. Seller, think like a Buyer OK, so you're thinking of selling your home.  What do you need to do first? #1-May I suggest, find out what your home is worth, so you can price it right for a quick sale. #2-Do I need any help doing the above and who should I call? #3-Where do I want or need...
The Tea Party, what is it, why I like it. Let the truth be told, the Tea Party is a grass roots movement of ordinary folks fed up with raising taxes, raising debt, and raising dependence on big government by people who think they have a right to the fruits of other peoples labors.  See my recent ...

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