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The Dream Continues, The Trip by Amtrak Rail The lesson learned, It's not always what you think it is.  See the 5 minute slide and video below.  If you have never traveled by train before, this will be interesting to say the least.  First Class is not always what you think it is.  We did have a g...
A belated tribute to all our serviceman and women WVU marching Band see below;
The Dream Continues, The Keys of The Kingdom No, no, not the Magic Kingdom, the Kingdom of Possibilities.  The power to unlock new thinking, new and yes different thoughts to achieve our goals, in our business the sale of our clients home.   Note the keys in   St. Peter's right      hand.   What ...
The Dream Continues, Recognition Our mode of transportation was Amtrak, more about the train in another post, this is about "RECOGNITION" people that made our vacation a great vacation because of their efforts to take care of our needs. When even basic needs are not met, travel gets to be a chore...
The dream continues I was never really interested in visiting a "kids park" unless it was for my children, not for me.  When my children were growing up, I either didn't have the time or the money to take them to "Disney". Well all that changed this last week when my wife and I met one of my chil...
Coming Soon, Great Kills Semi, 1400 Square Feet of Living Space Two story semi in a great neighborhood.  Near transportation, schools, parks, shopping, etc. Units like this are selling between $380K to $420K, and with mortgage rates at record lows, this is your time. I'll have this up and running...
Will you be watching?  A rare near miss of an aircraft carrier size asteroid will be passing rather fast across our night sky on Nov 8 and 9th, 2011.  You may even be able to see it without visual aids, if you know where to look.  See the NASA link below for video animation and more information. ...
What's happening with newscasters today? Is it just me or are they saying "AH" too much.  I find myself counting the "AH's" instead of listening to the newscast, then just turning it off.  A recent broadcast I heard today has the reporter saying AH 6 times in under 60 seconds. Not only the AH's b...
Veteran's Day Tribute Friday 11/11/11  no not November 11, 2011, it's 11 A.M. November 1918, or the eleventh hour of the the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Armistice Day now we call it Veterans Day. But jump to June 1943, the manor of men that made this country great, fought a horrific battl...
Lead Paint Problems, EPA website, Know before you Renovate I would think most folks just go ahead and order repairs or upgrades to doors, windows and such without learning all the details about lead paint hazards, and the rules and regulations of the EPA, not to mention the fines for not followin...

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