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For me it's a great source of information. I've learned so much in the past few years since I've signed up. For starters, I know it has improved my writing skills.  English was never one of my strong points.  Reading your posts, retaining what I like, making note of how you draw my interest into ...
Staten Island house for sale, South Shore, Coming to you this week, a beautiful 3 bedroom, Ranch style house on an over sized lot in the middle of this sleepy bedroom community of Eltingville. But it's near shopping, parks and transportation. Just a short walk to all.  No need to get a second car...
Save those almost rotten bananas Don't throw them away, when you don't like the looks of them because they are over ripe, they are still good to eat.  You may not want them in your morning cereal, but did you ever think of using them in your pancakes? Take them to the blender, add some milk to "p...
For men only OK, maybe for a few ladies also (wonder women who work 3 jobs) who need to show houses and make dinner at the same time. This will take you about 10 minutes to prepare. Most of the work is in pealing the carrots and potatoes. On a hot day, with the AC running, we don't need to put th...
Are you using video to promote your brand? Last year, July 4, 2011 I photographed our local 4th of July parade and to date received over 1,000 hits.  It's also a great time for local politicians to be seen, and at the end of my video, I post my name and occupation and telephone number. Many times...
Staten Island House, South Shore, Eltingville SOLD in 5 days When the unit for sale is priced right, inside looking like a model home, marketing properly promoted, the unit will sell quickly. 8 Osage Lane is SOLD in 5 days, that's right folks, 5 days.  I did not get a chance to do all of the mark...
Flag Day, June 14th My flag is always out, weather permitting, but June 14th is a special day for our flag.  Will you have your flag out? I'm talking about the American flag, if you can trace your ancestry back to another country, great, you can fly that flag also, but remember the American flag ...
Eltingville Ranch for sale, Staten Island, South Shore It's here, a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath beauty, on an over sized lot in the best area in Eltingville. This unit has it all, open floor plan, upgraded kitchen with maple cabinits,  granite counter tops, island counter, hard wood flooring, new f...

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