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   Fema Flood Map if you're looking to buy in Staten Island, New York, check the flood map.  Many places were not hit by Hurricane Sandy, but some were.  There are pockets of flooding where you would not expect it due to low elevation, also some areas that were higher than surrounding streets wer...
Biggest turnoff to buyers What are your buyers saying when they leave a showing?  For me it's, "I hate it when the home owner is present when we look" Another big turnoff is clutter.  Sellers alert!  Get rid of all unnecessary"stuff" before you allow anyone to see your house.  Sorry, but the way ...
Check List of Spring Outdoor Maintenance for Homeowners Start at the top-the roof. There is no need to climb. Just get a good pair of field glasses and take a look.  Check for missing shingles, debris around the chimney and for loose gutters. Exterior.  Check the siding for gaps of caulking that ...
Eltingville Ranch Staten Island South Shore, listed and sold Same day How does that happen when other units sit on the market for many, many days.  When a unit is priced right, in an area that doen't have a lot of houses for sale, and has features that are in demand, and the agent is working with...
Coming soon, Eltingville Ranch, Staten Island South Shore This one will be sold fast.  No kidding. Over-sized property on a beautiful tree lined street.  Three bedrooms, one and 3/4 baths, central air, hardwood flooring and more. Not many units for sale in this area, when they go up for sale, if ...
Are you safeguarding your Identity? Just read this on the net.  Folks, this is scary, very important to be on guard 24/7.  Be very careful as to what you say and do both on line and when getting unsolicited phone calls.  I knew identity thief was the number one crime in this country, but I didn't...
Mr. Attorney, what are your fees to handle my estate? Nobody wants to talk about it, but we all will need to face it, we all are going to die. So, what will your heirs have to pay to handle your estate?  Will they get taken over the hurdles or will they get treated fairly?  Does the state in whic...
Eltingville Ranch, Staten Island South Shore Almost ready for sale. This shot of the galley kitchen shows the beautiful ceiling with the skylight and high hat lighting.  The rest of the house is equally beautiful.  Every room is ready for the new owner, just as soon as I get the OK from the prese...
New York City Property Owners, Save on Property Taxes Save Money On Your Property Taxes in 2013/2014 Deadline to file for an exemption is March 15th. for single and two family houses.  Some requirements have changed, so you need to check what they are now. These are some of the Exemptions;  Pleas...
What Does This Mean? Folks who have had a recent snow storm, what does this mean hanging from your roof? It could mean warmer weather is melting the snow and your gutters are clogged with snow and ice. Or, it could mean an ice dam forming.  Is your attic warmer then it should be?  Are you losing ...

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