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  Financially Aggressive Buyers Recently I listed and sold a short sale property here in Staten Island.  Funny thing about it was that I had 4 buyers, 2 were very aggressive financially.  They kept outbidding each other, until I emailed both the same message.  Please submit your highest and best ...
Don't open the door My daughter was made homeless because of Hurricane Sandy.  As luck would have it, she found a very nice apartment, only 5 minutes away from me, and is doing great.  many people have brought stuff to her for her family.  Today someone knocked on her door, said he had a package ...
Daylight Saving Time, Starts Sunday 10 March We must turn our clocks AHEAD one hour before going to bed Saturday night, if you live in a State that has DST.  Daylight savings time begins March 10th at 2 AM where you are.  Funny how this can just creep up on us without paying attention. I'll still...
No comments no problem Although we all love to get plenty of comments on our posts, sometimes we don't get any at all.  So, what should we do?  I for one take full advantage of the exposure Activerain gets for me when I post.  I'll go back, re read my post, see if I can make it better, if not at ...
Stand out in the darkness Or advertising after dark Folks, when the sun goes down, who sees your yard sign?  Does the "For Sale" sign retire for the night?  Mine doesn't.  Mine looks better in the night then it does in the daylight.  In the wintertime, when the night comes early, I set my light t...
Sequester, the good, the bad and the ugly The SEQUESTER is defined as; How is it effecting our business.  Already I have a government employee who was a great buyer, now must sit on the sidelines and wait.  Maybe watching his house he was making a...
Bill Fields is an excellent coach, I can attest to that as a personal experience.  He has helped me out in the past and I continue to listen to him. Check him out.  
  ESCALATION CLAUSE Have you ever used it when representing a buyer? How did it turn out? Escalation Clause:  Buyer makes an offer, if seller gets another offer with a higher net proceeds, then buyer's offer automatically goes up, say $1,000, over any other offers, with verification of real offer...

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