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When do you put the "SOLD" sign up? Do you wait till the new owners get the keys, sign the contract or put in the accepted offer?   Some will say that if you put the sold sign up too quickly, you will not get more sign calls. But what will the neighbors think?  Wow, that house sold quickly, That'...
Camera Review, Kodak Pixpro AZ251   From the HSN they have a great video of what this camera can do. Below are three pictures I took last week at the beach.  I did not move the camera, all are at "auto mode" with the optical zoom half way in the second picture and full in the third photo. I'm ver...
Can we do panorama shots here on AR? Test shot.
Testing, testing 1 2 3  Which of the three photos below do you like the best and why? All three were taken on "auto" from three different cameras.  Photo #3 I got a bit of my finger in the shot, please disregard that.  I'm looking for the best in color and sharpness.  Can you please give me your ...
In Real Estate, what can you get for under $750,000 in New York City? If you go on the Trulia web site, and type in Brooklyn and see what is for sale for under $750,000, you can get a good idea.   If you go to my website,, or, you can see the...
Who wants to see clutter? Among other things, like toilet seat up, blurry pictures, furniture, dishes on the counter, etc?  Why do folks even take pictures like this?  To me it says; 1- Agent really doesn't care about giving best service to their client. 2- Agent too busy or too lazy to make unit...
Vacation Watering tip #1 Going on vacation?  Have a problem with some potted plants?  Do they need water every other day?  Why not use my simple drip water method? Simply save a few gallon water jugs, poke a pin hole on the bottom side, fill with water and replace the cap.  Replacing the cap make...
Check Road Conditions Before You Travel A handy little app for your cell phone, or on your home computer, Sigalert,  tells you what to expect when you travel.  Just click on you area, anywhere in the USA, and you can see what the conditions are.  You may want to leave a little later, if traffic i...
Macy’s 4th of July fireworks display Always a crowd please-er,  if you can make it to the Big Apple on the fourth of July great.  Don’t take your car into the city, better to park it nearby and take public transportation.  MTA will add extra services for the event.  Click on the link below for mo...

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