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Real Estate Sales by-product income Many Realtors are excellent photographers, after all, a great photo of the property does help with the sale. Some of us have beautiful photographs of the areas around the units that we are marketing, such as flowers, lakes, parks etc. Have you ever thought of s...
How we can decrease spam. I don't think we can entirely eliminate spam but if we all practice a little courtesy we can put a big dent in it. Recently I received an email from someone with over 200 addresses visible. Here is a tip I received from a friend. When sending out emails to multiple recip...
Sunset in New York City Almost anywhere is beautiful at sunset.  New York City is no exception.  Recently I was near the Verrazano Bridge and took this picture.  See for yourself.     If you would like a copy please visit my website where you can purchase not only a photo but also have this print...
New Closing gifts ideas   Here are a few ideas for those great special moments, closing gifts. You can go fairly inexpensive with an iphone case, or a painting or framed photograph of the house or even greeting cards with the photo of the new house.  You can load your own photo. If the new owners...
Things to do on a rainy day. You could bake your favorite food.  That's just what I did.  See photo below.
Mistakes can be very profitable We often hear about mistakes that ruin things, like material or contracts.  Let's take a look at the other side. Can you name a "Mistake" that turned out to be a great success?  I'm thinking of how Ivory soap is made.  see;

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