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Yeah...There are lots of Fannie and Freddie Foreclsoure Listings out there, right? And since Fannie is playing one-upmanship with Freddie right now--you might as well take advantange of the games (oh, I mean incentives) they are playing!  Fannie wants their foreclosures to stand out above the cr...
Corny, Clever or Cool?  3 Low-Tech Marketing Ideas Being a little off beat and corny gets you noticed these days. Marketing is about getting noticed.  About being different. About building a brand. It seems like everyone is flocking to social media to market themselves.  Don't get me wrong.  If y...
Free Home Buyer Brochures available for you thru Freddie Mac's website.  These are brand new, with the latest changes in the mortgage rules. They are printed  in both English and Spanish. Best of all, you can add your logo and email the PDF or print and send out to your prospect database. Oh, and...
Today ends the two day session of our Mortgage Girlfriends Retreat held in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was wonderful getting together again. Twenty five awesome women... learning and sharing social media tips, techniques, and free websites available to minimize our marketing expenses while maximizing...
I think this is OK to share this with you...   I realized the other day that builders are doing something that  you're probably not doing...I think it's okay to share this with you...since I'm not mentioning any names!   About 3 months ago, we got an order for 11 apartment mailing lists from one ...
This is a Game Changer Folks!  Borrowers are in "financal purgatory" until one minute AFTER closing because Fannie just announced that mortgage loans may have to re-underwritten if the back end ratio exceeds 45% OR (yes, it's an OR) the back end ratio increases by 3%  (or more) from the original ...
There's been a lot of conversation about changing the structure of FHA loans-and I wanted to let you know it hasn't happened...yet!   Here's a quick synopsis on HUD Press Release 10-150:   HUD Seeks Public Comment on Three Initiatives to Boost FHA Capital Reserves   HUD is accepting comment on th...
You probably have buyers sitting on the fence, waiting for home values to decrease!  But with rates so freakin' low, you might want to PROVE to your clients why LOW INTEREST RATES matter.  Use this info for your 1st time buyers--especially those wasting their money paying rent (www.ApartmentToolK...
There is a great financing option that real estate agents need to know about --if the home has an FHA mortgage that was originated after December 15, 1989.  Why?  Because the loan is assumable!  More Info and Mortgage Talking Points(tm) "FHA Assumptions=More Sales" can be found at www.MortgageCur...
Finally, Fannie has some reasonable solutions for the appraisals that are just plain AWFUL...and their recent announcement, I think, gives credence to the complaints about HVCC and AMC's! It officially goes into effect on September 1, 2010, but I've heard that some appraisers are implementing now...

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