distress seller: Two Years of Loan Mod Hell or Short Sale? Shouldn't Have to Choose! - 06/28/11 02:37 AM
Let's face it.  There are fairy tales and then there's reality.  
Currently, the reality for homeowners facing distressed situations (divorce, layoffs, down-sizing, etc.) is that they are having NO CHOICE but two choose the better of two evils: loan modification or short sale?
As the video below discusses, folks often have to bear unbearable stress for up to TWO YEARS in order to get a simple loan modification.  For some folks, I would think selling the property via short sale in THREE MONTHS - and moving on to "PLAN B" - might be a more attractive alternative.
I try to … (6 comments)

distress seller: Help For Distressed Military Homeowners! - 05/31/11 03:08 AM
If you or someone you know is in the military and is having a hard time making their mortgage payments - or has already missed some payments - then they will probably wind up entering the foreclosure process in some way, shape, or form.
What those folks in this circumstance NEED TO KNOW is that the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) prevents mortgage lenders from foreclosing on a military member's home, or from issuing a default judgment, if the default has occurred while the service member is serving active duty overseas during a time of war (which is now).
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distress seller: Here We Go Again! Big Banks Being Hypocritical! Seeing The Trend? - 05/22/11 03:15 AM
Had to post this today as I ran across a good post on the Short Sales Superstars site that updates a theme of mine that points out how HYPOCRITICAL our leading financial institutions are or can be.
My specific topic - that I've done previous posts on ActiveRain about - is that banks constantly point out the "moral hazard issue" or the fact that homeowners would be immoral if they decided that it would be best for their personal and financial interests if they walked away from mortgages and properties that were deemed to be too far upside down.  And then … (4 comments)

distress seller: A Home Is Not a Hole! - 05/11/11 05:19 AM
This post is directed at folks who are in financial distress - in general - and is particularly directed as folks who are in mortgage distress.
I just got done watching a great YouTube video featuring Suze Orman.  The video is from 2007 but is absolutely relevant to today.  In the video, Suze was speaking with a Realtor from southern California who was in financial and mortgage distress due to the market downturn that has impacted all Realtors in one way, shape, form, or another.
The video is a little long (9 minutes 14 seconds) but absolutely worth it to watch. … (2 comments)

distress seller: Learn To Be a Short Sale Expert! - 05/01/11 11:02 AM
Learn To Be a Short Sale Expert! In these trying days of residential real estate, it pays to learn about short sales.  It doesn't matter if you are a distressed seller, or know a distressed seller, or are someone thinking about purchasing a short sale, or are a real estate agent/broker - you can greatly benefit yourself (or that someone you know) by educating yourself about short sales.  AND, know offense to those folks who've already shelled out $500 to get "certified", but you can learn about short sales FOR FREE.
FOR FREE?  Yes, I just got done watching the first … (1 comments)

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