property management: Camrose Regional Exhibition -Visit us at our booth - 02/03/11 12:16 PM
We will be having a booth at the regional trade show.  Please stop by and have a chat if you are around.  We would be happy to answer any and all your questions regarding our services.
We look foreward to meeting the people of Camrose and making them aware of our expanding service in the area. 
The Date is February 18 to 20, 2011
The show goes Friday at 3-9  Saturday 10-4   and Sunday 10-4
Pass on the information if you know anyone who is looking for property management services in the area.

property management: Open Letter to property investors - 02/03/11 11:57 AM
Hi I wanted to touch base with you as the owner of LPMI and connect on a few points.
We are constantly improving and looking to raise the bar on our service to investment property owners. Your feedback can help. We are confident in our current services, but can always improve. Our staff works hard, tenants can be challenging, and your encouragement to them is worth so very much.
As a company who cares about making improvements that reflect your needs as an investor and property owner your feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Please email me at anytime with your ideas … (0 comments)

property management: Baliff finds Libertas great to work with - 02/03/11 06:56 AM
Scott Berkholtz;
Let me start by saying that Libertas Property Management has been a real pleasure to work with. The knowledge level of the staff and the quality of files that we have worked together on have been completed to a consistently superior level. It only gets better.
Your staff’s professionalism and willingness to react to problems in a timely manner create an organization that is both vital and refreshing to deal with. My experience with Libertas leaves me with no doubt that business is being conducted the way that it should be, and I want to thank you for our … (0 comments)

property management: Property Management Testimonals - 01/30/11 06:38 PM
Libertas has been really great so far. I contacted them last September and they managed to get someone into my place by October. With my first tenants contract ending this October, I hope Libertas really pulls through for me.
Paul T

property management: Property Management Testimonals - 01/30/11 06:35 PM
I agree that Libertas have sound systems and ethics in place.
I'd have to say however that I don't with the responsiveness........I find that I have to do alot of "chasing" to get responses to general landlord enquiries and it rarely meets the 48hrs target. Can be hard work sometimes.
Carolyn (my Property Mgr) is great......they are very quick to respond to tenent issues/emergencies...and I feel my units and tenants are well looked after.....I'd just like to see that urgency extended to general landlord enquiries. I guess you can;t have it all!!
Wanted to pass on the improvements I've … (1 comments)

property management: Property Management Testimonals - 01/30/11 06:30 PM
(Thanks Tyler!))
According to the Poll and feedback Libertas has got a lot of good votes.
I'm sure that there are many more of us renting suites in Edmonton and using the PMs there. Please continue to contribute with your good and bad comments/votes. I have personally experienced a plethora of PMs from Hamilton to Winnipeg to Edmonton. I've had tenants croak in my units as well as a few PMs. I've had PMs bend over backwards to do a good job and others try and bend me over. All of us involved in real estate for a number of years … (0 comments)

property management: Property Management Testimonals - 01/30/11 06:24 PM
We have been using Libertas Property Management for about a year now. We really appreciate the fact that it is run by investors that seem to "Get It". We deal with a Landlord Liaison who is accessible to handle our inquiries, while the Property Managers deal with the tenant inquiries.
The accounting side has had it's challenges but they are in the process of converting to a new software where I'll have online access to my accounts, which is cool. They also have something called "Property Diaries" which tracks everything that happens on my properties from showings to maintenance to lease … (0 comments)

property management: Property Management Testimonals - 01/30/11 06:22 PM
I switched from a St. Albert based management company to Libertas. Before I did, I had a talk, face to face with them. A kinda interview. I liked their professional easy to get-a-long with style. I was impressed by the way everything is documented so that nothing gets forgotten when you have to phone in a concern or question. They constantly trying to improve their service and find that perfect fit and balance to the way they run the company. I think they are really close. I get the impression they they put us property owners ahead of their own best … (0 comments)

property management: Ed likes us how about you? - 01/30/11 06:19 PM
I am re blogging some of my good press.
I highly recommend Libertas Property Management. Very professional, responsive, and well praised by tenants, owners and condo associations (as I've discovered through my own experiences and through due diligence checks). Tyler and his crew work very hard on our behalf, and I'm pleased to have them represent me. A new web-based system will enable owners to access property-specific info on demand - I'm looking forward to it.
Avoid Don King and Realty Canada! As per a previous post, he is difficult to reach by both tenants and owners, and attracts very challenging … (0 comments)

property management: Say Hello! Networking works... - 01/29/11 06:13 PM
Reposting the good news from someone who talked to us.  It's nice to be appreciated!
NSPG Group: REIN™ Members Posts: 4 Joined: Thu, Nov 15 2007
From: Edmonton, AB Member No.: 4,651
Wed, Jan 26 2011 12:16 PM Post #1 o
Say Hello! Networking works... o
While networking at the REIN workshop, I met the Libertas team Keenan and Tyler. I'm not a client of Libertas, however. Keenan and Tyler were very helpful with some vacancies I have in Edmonton. Tyler sent me current market rents based for my units. Thank you, it was very helpful. Secondly, Keenan suggested I … (0 comments)

property management: Property Management and late paying tenants - 12/22/10 03:27 AM
You will have to look at your provincial rules, or contact a legal specialist, to determine if being late 30% of the time is grounds for you to seek an eviction order. But you also have to consider the practical side. An eviction will take some time, and the tenant may decide to stop paying altogether, or do damage to the rental property. Which is most always the main issue.  If it is possible to talk to the tenant and work something out short of an eviction, that could be in your best interests.
This is where your relationship skills mater.  … (3 comments)

property management: Condo Management - 11/30/10 04:41 PM
We are looking to get connected to condo boards looking for management.
If you are aware of anyone who is on a condo board and is looking for management we welcome the introduction.
Are you tired of your unresponsive condo management company?
Are you considering a change of management?
Is your board tired of self managing?
Get your time back. Get management that saves you time and money.
Contact Keenan

property management: Referral for Tenants - 11/17/10 03:11 AM
I am a real estate investor and Property Management company owner. Libertas Property Management Inc. is the management company and our office is located on the west end of Edmonton, managing in Edmonton and area as well as Camrose. We are looking to expand our properties under management this year by 300 properties. I am soliciting your help in this and am open to your ideas as to how we can make that work. Our systems and service are top notch. We are open to a referral fee of some sort for your introductions and if it is your property you … (0 comments)

property management: Referrals for Landlord leads - 10/28/10 07:39 PM
I am a real estate investor and Property Management company owner. Libertas Property Management Inc. is the management company and our office is located on the west end of Edmonton, managing in Edmonton and area as well as Camrose.
We are looking to expand our properties under management this year by 300 properties. I am soliciting your help in this and am open to your ideas as to how we can make that work. Our systems and service are top notch. We are open to a referral fee of some sort for your introductions and if it is your property you … (0 comments)

property management: Activerain Think Tank - 09/23/10 04:45 AM
We were doing some forecasting and goal setting for 2011 for the Libertas companies.  One of the forecasts for the property management company is to grow by 160 properties undermanagement.  This would happen naturely over the year as we take on 15 or so properties every month just from referral, existing client growth, etc.  My partners are not big on spending money on marketing which frustrates me, but the upside is I am forced to be creative.  I wanted to challenge this forecast and made a personal goal to have those 160 properties under management attracted by Jan 2011.
One of … (1 comments)

property management: What the market has done - 09/17/10 08:24 AM
I took a phone call the other day from a Realtor that has brought me many deals.  He was asking if I'd loan him some money while he waited for some deals to close.  I was taken aback by that because, although I know that Realtors are hurting as a general rule, I did not realize this particular Realtor would be hurting as he was and is a high producer.  It really set in me the reality that the economy is definitely affecting people close to me business wise and it is possibly deeper and longer term than I maybe wanted … (2 comments)

property management: Strategic Partnerships-Ever fired a Client? - 09/09/10 08:28 AM
While I am on this topic I thought I'd talk about being on the firing end as a service provider. 
I think that Donald Trump must enjoy the firing bit cause who would you rather be the fired one or the one doing the firing?  I could be wrong but I don't know anyone whose been on the show who said to Trump in the board room that they are firing
When I lose a client for whatever reason it sucks, especially if I feel I didn't meet their needs.  I intensely examine how to never fail some else like … (2 comments)

property management: Strategic Partnerships-Your Property Manager - 09/09/10 07:38 AM
I'm big on strategic partnerships!
I veiw each of my employees as a strategic partner because their care and attention to details in my business free me up to work on the things that Create Wealth and the things I enjoy more.
There are many Real Estate investors who get this.  Most investors from the past that got burnt out got that why from managing tenants and property.  Others it is the financial management of the investment itself, especially when they don't have all the tools to optimize that investments cash flow.
I was discussing with my Broker the other day … (4 comments)

property management: Property Management in Alberta - 09/19/09 05:12 PM
What We Provide Property Diary - A communication and documentation system designed with the landlord in mind. The Libertas Team records details relevant to your property for you to read in real time in the password protected landlord area of our website, offering 24 hour access to your investment.
Excellent communication - Our commitment and goal is to respond to your inquiry within 2 business days of it being received.
Protect your investment – Through stringent due diligence the highest quality of tenants are placed into all properties. In addition, we maintain market standards in rent pricing. We do our utmost … (0 comments)

property management: Libertas Property Management Expands into Red Deer - 09/19/09 05:05 PM
Welcome to Libertas Property Management Inc.!
We are now managing in Red Deer!
Congratulations on taking the first step towards a more stress free and relaxing life thanks to Libertas Property Management Inc. Let us step in and take over the worry and hassle of the day-to-day management of your property. Our goal is to provide you with Impectable Property Management.
If you want more information about our company please feel free to call or email us.
The Libertas Team!
Toll Free phone. 1. 866. 478. 6493 Toll Free fax. 1. 866. 406. 2892
Calgary and Red Deer
p. … (0 comments)

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