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I have recently started receiving a series of link exchange requests. The start out looking ok but when I read further they appear to be nothing more than an attempt to get some business that has nothing to do with real estate better SEO. Most recently I received one from someone calling him/hers...
I watched an interview last night with Madeline Sackler, director of the documentary film coming out next month, The Lottery. It is not about winning money but winning a future. It is about the battle between charter and other government schools. This film follows 4 black families, 4 of hundreds,...
I read an article the other day that indicates that the home mortgage interest deduction is potentially in play and on the cutting block again. It appears that during a recent interview HUD Secretary Donavan was asked about the mortgage interest deduction and replied that modifying the deduction ...
I recently read an article about the potential for the mortgage deduction to disappear. I will be writing a post about that later. The article concludes with this sentence: According to the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, between 2009 and 2013, the federal government will lose roughly ...
In August of 1982 I took my first management job, in San Francisco, running a computer maintenance group that handled the banks and other financial institutions. One of the first things my new boss told me, which I remember clearly to this day is to not forget Chuck's (that was my bosses name) Fi...
Finally, the Bad Gateway errors are gone. I can click on my outside blogs and get to them. I can even log into them now. And thankfully, my recent posts to Localism are also on my outside blogs. It has been awhile and I have many pent up postings to place on my outside blog. I hope I can get them...
March 2010 residential real estate sales volume in Athens - Clarke County, GA showed flat sales for the third consecutive month. However, this is almost 10% higher volume than the lows of last September.  This appears to be a positive indicater that the Athens-Clarke County residential real esta...
The annual Help Stamp Out Hunger is tomorrow, Saturday, May 8. The National Association of Letter Carriers on the second Saturday in May annually participates in the largest food drive in the U.S. and possibly the world. In over 10,000 cities postal workers will be collecting bags of food to dist...
A "Discussion Draft" of proposed new internet privacy regulations has been published for review and comment. Like most federal regulation, it probably stems from good intentions, but we all know which road good intentions pave. On the surface it looks like a good thing, regulating how "entities" ...
How much are you paying now for your internet access? How much are you willing to pay? Well, get ready to pay more. The FCC has announced that it will start pursuing "net neutrality", a euphemism for internet egalitarianism. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has issued a decision that states that t...

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