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My blog is intended to inform the reader about the Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market and is not intended to solicit currently listed properties or guarantee the work of any referred to vendor or building discipline.
If you can avoid it... DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WHILE DOING LAUNDRY OR RUNNING THE DISHWASHER! Last summer a client left the house for 45 minutes, only to return and see water dripping from the garage ceiling and onto the floor! In much newer construction the laundry room is upstairs with the bedro...
Late Saturday we had a typical fall drenching here in Portland and I got the nightmare call from a wonderful client who I helped buy a little cutie in the halcion days of last summer... "Keith, my basement's leaking what do we do?!" Ugh, I hate those calls, but here in Oregon they happen. I sugge...
OK, a year has gone by since you helped the Smith-Joneses buy their dream-home. At the time you noticed the two humongous broad-leafed Maples that overhung the front roof-line. Now you have the perfect opportunity to call and say: "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Smith-Jones, I'm just calling to remind you to ge...
Yes, we know, it's a buyers market.  They can do whatever they like... if they're not picky. But what if they've found their dream-house? How can they still take advantage of the market and avoid having their low-ball offer rejected? One thing the buyer can do to get a good sale price is offer to...
Ah, the smell of a new home... just like a new car, a new home has that great smell when you first open the door, The aromas of wood floors and new paint combine to tickle the pleasure points in our brains... there couldn't be anything wrong with this new home! But wait, lurking just behind the b...
In this market, being a listing agent can be FRUSTRATING but I just had a fantastic listing agent experience... MY SELLERS DID EVERYTHING I ASKED! Their small bungalow was built in 1921 and had been remodelled several years ago. I suggested they put on a new roof, paint inside and outside, add ne...
It's November 9th, 2008 in Portland, Oregon and from my own business, I can tell you the real estate market is alive and well! My buyers are making offers, and when they're within reason, the the sellers are biting. That doesn't mean that unreasonable "low ball" offers are working. There are stil...
A good broker friend of mine across the river in Washington said it best: "When I go to speak to someone about selling their home, I ask them, do you want to SELL your home or LIST your home?" That's an amazing question that brokers wouldn't have considered asking two years ago, but now that it's...
It's rare, but every once in a while we'll run across a "party sewer line". In some really old Portland neighborhoods, usually built before or in the 1920s, sewer lines might be shared by several homes before running out to public sewer. Last year I had a transaction where the sewer line ran into...
Well, it's time to stage your house for sale and we know it's a PRICE WAR and a BEAUTY CONTEST out there, so your home must absolutely shine! But what if your furniture is old, worn, or just out of style, and you can't afford to put in new furniture or have a stager help out?Well an easy fix is a...

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