kauai: Newly Listed Homes on Kahuna Road - 09/03/14 10:47 AM
Newly Listed Homes on Kahuna Road Kahuna Road is in Kapaa and loops around Kawaihau Road. I like Kahuna road because it’s a quiet road and there is a quiet stream along parts of it known to locals as Jonny Tex. To get to Kahuna road follow the main road up to Kapaa (Kawaihau road)  and up towards the Makaleha mountains. There are two ways to get there either make the first right on Kahuna road. Or travel until Kawaihau Road ends at the bridge and either head right or left.
Parts of Kahuna road can have a similar feel to … (2 comments)

kauai: Holoholo Charters Tour - 09/03/14 08:13 AM
Last week I spontaneously decided to play hooky and take a day off to go on a boat tour. I decided to go on the Holoholo boat tour that cruises the Napali coast and to Lehua rock which is right next to the forbidden island of Niihau. Holoholo charters is the only company that I know of that is allowed to go to Lehua rock.
It was so much fun! First we explored the Napali coast. There you can see the infamous cathedral mountains. The boat is relatively fast which was nice to avoid sea sickness. Later the holoholo charters … (4 comments)

kauai: Kauai Condos under $250,000 - 07/24/14 06:23 AM
  As of today July 23, 2014 there are 39 Kauai Condos that are available under $250,000 on Kauai. Here are the projects available: *VR=vacation rentable, LT=Long term rental or permanent living, (x)=units available
(4) Banyan Harbor , Lihue. VR, LT – $225-230K
(2) Halelani Village, Lihue.  LT – $199-219K
(1) Hookena at Puhi, Lihue. LT – $249K
(12) Islander on the Beach, Kapaa. VR, LT – $149-197K
(6) Kauai Beach Resort, Lihue. VR, LT – $73-76K
(1) Kauai Beach Villas, Lihue. VR, LT – $249K
(4) Kauai Kailani, Kapaa. VR, LT – $226-236K
(3) Kawaihau Sports Villa, Kapaa. LT – $174-239K
(6) Plantation Hale, Kapaa. VR, LT – $164-230K
View this search.
Purchasing a Kauai … (1 comments)

kauai: The Home Buying Process - 07/17/14 07:56 AM
The home buying process can be nerve wrecking for the first time home buyer. Some buyers get freaked out from spending large amounts of money and walk away because of unexpected expenses. It’s helpful to prepare for expected costs and steps when buying a home for the first time.

Steps: 1. Get Pre-Qualified. Buyer either has cash or gets pre-qualified by a lender.
- Today a seller will not look at an offer unless they see proof of cash funds or your pre-qualification letter. This letter is also important for figuring out the prince range of homes the buyer can afford.

kauai: Credit Scores and Home Ownership - 06/05/14 10:28 AM
Is a good credit score important for first time home buyers?
-Yes. Having a good credit score is essential in being able to qualify for a loan.

Why? In my opinion having a good credit score can be more important then having a down payment. On Kauai almost every home in lendable condition could qualify for a USDA loan with 0% down. There is no down payment needed but a good credit score is needed.
I cant say the exact score needed to get a loan because it varies with lender and the type of loan. I would recommend … (1 comments)

kauai: Fixer Upper Homes on Kauai - 03/18/14 08:42 AM
Many people ask for a fixer upper yet few are willing to do the repairs. By "fixer upper" I mean having to do more then replacing floors and cabinets. Right now Kauai fixer uppers are running from $194,900 to $299,900. Some buyers want to purchase a fixer upper because these properties are priced in their price range. Without realizing that some of these homes cannot qualify a loan and would have to be bought with cash. These 3 homes all have potential for the buyer who is willing to put in the work. 
2911 Waa Road, Lihue 96766
This is … (1 comments)

kauai: Find Your Neighborhood Kauai - 02/26/14 09:54 AM
Wailua Homesteads a great neighborhood to live in on Kauai. Is it the right neighborhood for you?
There are many reasons why people love living in Wailua Homesteads. The peaceful country atmosphere, the hiking trails and parks, the cool air, and more. Here my dog Sunny and I enjoying the Sleeping Giant (Nounou) trail.

Below is a video of me showing one of Kauai Dreams Realty listings in Wailua Homesteads on Lauone Road. This home has a spacious yard, updated kitchen, spacious living area with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. See more pictures and information on this home here.  

kauai: South Side Homes and Adventures - Kauai real estate - 02/13/14 09:49 AM
Tortoises and REO's - Kauai
Last weekend I visited the Makauwahi Caves on the South side of Kauai in Poipu. Who would have thought a cave in Hawaii? Doctors have found fossils of large flightless birds that are the size of a large dog. Wow! They still continue to dig through the cave to find more fossils.
I didn't get to see any large birds but I got to see African tortoise! This is me petting one of them. These buggers are strong and love papayas. The Doctors who take care of these grounds got these tortoises on craigslist from people … (5 comments)

kauai: Kauai real estate-Limahuli Gardens Kauai - 02/06/14 09:10 AM
 National Tropical Botanial Gardens - Limahuli Gardens, in Haena, Kauai

This past Sunday was a beautiful day on Kauai and I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the Limahuli Gardens in Haena. We had the whole gardens to ourselves for the day. Haena is the farthest north place to travel on beautiful Kauai.
First, we had a picnic lunch on top with great mountain and ocean views. Below is my God daughter Kayzia enjoying the sun. Then we walked along the path to see the different gardens. The plants/gardens are organized by how the plants were introduced to Hawaii. Whether they were Native … (4 comments)

kauai: Kauai Habitat for Humanity - Affordable Housing on Kauai - 01/30/14 06:32 AM
Great program for Kauai Families! Kauai Habitat for Humanity
As property prices on Kauai continue to increase it can be difficult for some families to become homeowners. Kauai Habitat for Humanity provides brand new or restored homes to families who qualify in Habitat Homeowner basic criteria.
Habitat homes can be found in Anahola, Ele`ele, Hanalei, Hanapepe, Kekaha, Kapa`a, Kalaheo, Kealia, Kekaha & Lawa`i. Here is Habitats projects as of January 2014:
  - Anahola – 2 new homes under construction; 2 new homes in planning stages
  - Kekaha – 1 new home in planning stages
  - Kekaha – 1 repair and renovation project
  - `Ele`ele … (1 comments)

kauai: Kauai Real Estate- Kauai Rentals - 01/23/14 08:38 AM
Rentals vs. Mortgage on Kauai
Everyday I receive at least 1 phone call or walk-in asking "Do you have any rentals?"
Sorry the answer is No. For one we shut down our property management in June 2011. If we did do rentals we have people calling daily about rentals and this doesn't include personal family and friends needing a rental.
Recently in our local Friday newspaper I've seen a lot of the big rental companies advertisement say "All rentals are full." Rentals on Kauai are extremely tight! Not to mention unstable. Kauai does not have many apartment buildings to offer rentals. … (1 comments)

kauai: Kauai Fishing Tales - 01/16/14 08:23 AM
Kauai Fishing Tales
This video was taken in September 2012 back when I just started going on the boat again (please dont mind my commentary).
We went out of the Nawiliwili Harbor in Lihue, Kauai. This was our first fish of the day this fish is called a Koshibi which means it is a smaller Ahi or yellow fin tuna (under 100lbs). I cant remember but according to the photos on my iPhone we also caught a Mahimahi. We went out on my dads boat. This is the 2nd boat that he has owned. He built his first boat before I was born, … (4 comments)

kauai: Wailua Homesteads Homes For Sale - 06/02/13 05:02 PM
Looking to buy in Wailua Homesteads?
This past week 2 new homes came on the market in Wailua Homesteads, Kauai. These two properties are very similar with the same land area of 9,045 sq. ft. and are both on Molo Street! These properties are reasonably priced and are the lowest priced homes in Wailua Homesteads.
296 Molo St.- This 3 bed 2 bath home of 980 sq. ft. is a bank REO. It features a 1 car garage and a fully fenced yard, the backyard is lined with a brick wall. This property has a traditional floor plan and … (1 comments)

kauai: Will first time home buyers keep up with rising prices? - 05/16/13 10:32 AM
By now it is obvious that property prices are rising and the real estate market is now a sellers market. Referring to the Kauai real estate market:
On Kauai prices are continuing to rise and everyone is wondering how good will this get? Or from a buyers point of view "I'm just going to wait until a deal comes on the market."
Right now I see first time home buyers and investors looking to purchase property. For an average house on Kauai depending where it is located and other factors will probably sell around $400,000. Wow! Some first time home buyers that I … (3 comments)

kauai: Purchasing the Potential of a Kauai Vacation Rental - 04/25/13 09:58 AM
If your family visits Kauai at least once a year or every other year this is a must read blog!
It is possible to buy an affordable vacation rental on Kauai. Near the shores of Kalapaki, Lihue on the south east side of Kauai there are the Banyan Harbor condominiums. This project can be used as a long term rental, vacation rental, or owner occupant. For those not familiar with Kauai vacation rentals, our island has strict codes and regulations on vacation rentals.
The title of this blog says "potential" that is because this unit does need a little TLC … (1 comments)

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