I've been out of commission for the last week. Dad took his laptop with him to the Inman Connect conference. I tried to stow away in his bag, but when Mom got ready to put me in my car seat, and went to my crib, the stuffed animal I had put under the blanket apparently didn't fool her. Dad's alwa...
Mom and Dad and I went to the Bellevue Festival of the Arts today in Downtown Bellevue. It was pretty cool I guess, although I didn't really get to see too much. Every time I would start to get a good view, Dad would freak out about the "Sun" being in my face and move the shade on my stroller. Um...
Please, do not tell my parents. Like Will Smith said, (I got into Dad's old CD collection) "parents just don't understand." I was born 5 weeks early, so when I first got home from the hospital, the bedding for my crib hadn't arrived yet. The big uninviting crib wasn't something I was ready to inh...
Pride integrity gutsConstable on patrolĀ 
I like cute and adorable things just as much as the next guy. The lady next door has this old dog that has got to be the cutest little fuzzball in the whole world. But what he really is, is an old dog. In today's uber sensitive politically correct climate, I could never get away with calling him ...
In a little person's life, there are many key milestones that let you know you've made it. Not even being four weeks old, I haven't hit too many of these key milestones yet. In fact, all I've done to this point is eat, sleep, and poop.This ActiveRain place is pretty big. I'm sure there are others...
I've always (well at least in my first 25 days of life) considered myself quite the prankster. I've watched Punked with my dad and Ashton Kutcher doesn't have anything on me. I've been planning this first practical joke for the last two weeks. Now any good practical joke, as Ashton will tell you,...
Have you ever been hanging out having a nice evening nap on your dad's chest when things started to take on a life of their own? There we were, my dad and I, relaxing on the couch watching team USA basketball put up some huge numbers against itself (only in America I'm guessing do we televise scr...
I know, I know.........some of you may be saying, "what, you just now got your first email account?" Hey cut me some slack, I'm three weeks old. But yes, my Dad set me up with my first account yesterday. My grandma kind of forced his hand. The repeated emails to him about wanting new pictures and...
No, I'm not talking about a yard sale where I sell all my preemie clothes and binkies. Why would you even think that? In fact, who even does yard sales anymore? When I sell my preemie clothes and binkies (actually, who am I kidding, I'm not giving this binky up for ANYTHING) I'm going the craigsl...

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