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Ello Blokes! The University of Akron needed all of regulation and all but 5 seconds of the 1st and 2nd overtimes to defeat the Ohio State University in the round of 32 yesterday at Lee Jackson Field. The Zips (17-1-4) will advance to face Northwestern (14-4-3), which defeated 12th-seeded Notre Da...
OY VEY!  Akron has had quite a few chances to get its 6th win and hop on the Bubble to get into a bowl, but that dream died today on a cold muddy field in Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – After Akron tied the game at 6-6 to start the fourth quarter, Temple scored three unanswered touchdowns to c...
At this time of year, I am usually left up here in Ohio, while the rest of the family head down to Florida.  I end up over at a step-relatives home.  In the past, I believe I always felt a little blue and left out, but this year is different.   I am on my way to 4 mile turkey trot and later, I ca...
I heard some gurgling sounds coming from my sink yesterday morning, so I put in a call to my plumber and hadn't heard from him as of this morning, but he is good at what he does, very affordable and reliable, so always worth the wait.  But i was afraid of going through the Holiday with possible d...
Alright, after reading others very good entries about some horrid songs, I felt compelled to make some valuable contributions... So rather then elaborate with a drawn out ramble, or descriptive redundancy... I digress....   In no particular order... (Also >> Picking on Rico Suave & Ice Ice Baby i...
This winter, No Frozen Pipes!!  A single water pipe can easily create thousands of dollars in property damage.  The easiest way to prevent this is to have a property that is fully occupied with responsible tenants, all of which have utilities in the tenant's name and heat set above 50 degrees in ...
As of this typing, more than 750,000 people have watched the above clip on YouTube, an apparent work of amateur genius — “Guitar Hero” played with bicycle and pavement. Think that clip is too unreal to be real? I got on the phone today with an executive from Activision to find out the real histor...
I happened upon a post whilst perusing blogs and some interesting reading material and happened upon Steve's blog titled, "Activerain's Theme Song", and embedded within the post was a classic song.   Now, the song, "Cheers" was there thanks to, which is a very cool site and just takes a c...
  The bailout line keeps getting longer. Now you see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, but I aimed to take a moment in time still pic and capture an emotion that might translate to you as you read this.  The picture might say, "Come on and help me out a little!"  or maybe it says,...
This is an article I read this morning from The Plain Dealer in Cleveland.   As I sit and wonder about things, like less people shopping, my friend who has lowered the thermostat to 52 degrees and was putting on an extra sweater to save some money this winter, I came across this story and thought...

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