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I just received this offer via email this morning... "all cash deal 2.2m dollars ?" How many issues exist with this offer... Let me count the ways... #1.  All Cash Deal - In essence, does this not mean, I will go to the bank and get financing and your Seller will get paid off with a check or is t...
No incoherent ramblings from me today... I know, i know... your crushed!  We'll I can only hope that the solice I am providing in this photo will help to lift you up and get you through the day.  A little over the top?  Dramatic Pause... The picture below is of the Akron Skywalk passageway.  This...
                                                         SCROLL DOWN....                                                             Now you've been Rickrolled... 
I have Caren Wallace to thank for this MeMe! Grazia Caren! Non Molto Benne! Here are the rules for this MeMe ! 1. Create a blog with a link to the person who so happily tagged you. See above! 2. List all of these rules in the post. Feel free to cut and paste this. 3. Share seven things that other...
This photo was posted approx 2 years ago by Tish Shaftner Mosteller and it moved me so much then, that I saved it to my computer. So in light of the many bad things happening around us and the good as well, such as "Miracle on the Hudson", enjoy....
I have included two pictures this morning... They should speak for themselves... but just in case... On the one hand we start off with the odometer of my truck here in chilly Akron... Yes that dash represents NEGATIVE... Two pairs of gloves on and my fingers are still going numb... The second pic...
Please visit   Now priced at $274,000  
    NOI stands for NET OPERATING INCOME. To get to NOI, you must first start with the Gross Income (rentals, laundry, etc) minus % for Vacancy which leaves the Adjusted Gross Income.  Taking this number, you then apply the operating expenses (i.e. - Management, Maintenance, repairs, utilities, re...

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