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Folks, times sure have gotten tough, economically speaking. There's no point in splitting hairs here (it'd take too long to find one on this cue ball of mine anyway!), so I'm just going to give it to you straight: We're in a recession. A deep one. Deeper than Dolly Parton's cleavage. Deeper than ...
As ironic as it might seem, Google has not utilized their account on Twitter... It feels either like going to the big dance and not seeing your crush there or on the other hand it feels a bit like a lion batting a baby antelope around.       Google + Twitter = Twoogling? Their first post, a Twoog...
02/26/2009 Go to above link and choose your team!  
02/24/2009     Where dreams become heartattacks! or so their slogan reads...  Some intensly disgusting food here, although I imagine in small doses, it might be Dee-Lish!     Submissions include THE VEIN CLOGGER Chicken fried bacon w/ gravy   THE CHOLESTEROL EGGSPRESS Egg n’ Ha...
Commercial Real Estate delinquency rates have increased dramatically year-over-year. The latest numbers from the Federal Reserve for Q4 2008 put the current delinquency rate on commercial real estate loans at 5.36% across all banks, and 5.27% at the largest 100 banks. 5.27% is nearly double the 2...
Real Estate Agents v. Real Estate Consultants - (Is it Superman v. Clark Kent) or (A Chocolate Labrador v. A Yellow Labrador) I have recently been kicking around ideas as how to differentiate and set myself apart from others that I am so alike already...  Professional and knowledgable Commercial ...
Are you downsized, looking for something new or wanting to be your own boss, then contact Pappas Realty Co., to discuss some current business opportunities we have available today. 330-762-0535   Currently, we have an upscale restaurant, a laundromat, a full service restaurant and banquet facilit...
With an overwhelming 50% of the votes, Business was the category that takes honors for twittering! Social was 2nd with 33%... To see the actual results, visit the link below or start your own poll and let me know about it so I can vote!
02/22/2009   What do you use Twitter for? By @kelevramojo poll created on Feb 15, 2009 Business Personal Social Don't understand Twitter
The two videos I have place below deal with stretching and core exercise which are two extremely important places (in addition to cardio) to build a foundation for future health and fitness achievements. Stretching helps to warm your body up and lessen the likelyhood of injuries and the impact of...

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