commercial investment real estate: Only Chuck Norris can save the Commercial Real Estate Market - 11/15/09 12:57 AM
Even as some sectors of the US economy see a return to growth, woes in commercial real estate are deepening, raising fears that the fragile recovery could falter.
Unlike the US home market, which has shown signs of rebounding, recovery is elusive in commercial real estate, a sector which includes apartments, offices and industrial and retail properties.
The Moody's commercial property index fell 3.0 percent in October, and remains 32.8 percent down from a year earlier and 40.3 percent lower than two years ago. "Although prices have declined steadily over the past year, the rate of decline has slowed in recent … (4 comments)

commercial investment real estate: 4-Units ** Cuyahoga Falls ** Separate Utilities ** Make Offer - 04/14/09 09:51 AM

commercial investment real estate: 4-Units in Highly Desired Fairlawn, Ohio ** Agent Owned ** Seller Flexible in Terms / Financing ** A Gem of a property - 04/10/09 03:20 AM

commercial investment real estate: University of Akron Investment Property For Sale - 03/22/09 12:35 AM

commercial investment real estate: Commercial Real Estate Exposure Catches Banks in Economic Downdraft - 01/23/09 02:14 AM
Commercial Real Estate Exposure Catches Banks in Economic Downdraft
Banks Report Deterioration in Nonresidential Loan Portfolios, Tighten Purse Strings

Banks began issuing their fourth quarter reports this week and a potential major trend appears to be the negative effect deteriorating business conditions are beginning to have on the credit quality of their commercial real estate loan portfolios.
In addition, banks are reporting they expect the credit quality of their portfolios will only continue to worsen. Not surprisingly, bankers also noted that the overall demand for loans has declined and so has the credit quality … (4 comments)

commercial investment real estate: How not to make an offer - 01/18/09 12:14 AM
I just received this offer via email this morning...
"all cash deal 2.2m dollars ?"
How many issues exist with this offer... Let me count the ways...

#1.  All Cash Deal - In essence, does this not mean, I will go to the bank and get financing and your Seller will get paid off with a check or is the Buyer trying to indicate, they will show up to closing with a steel briefcase loaded with $2.2 Million dollars...
#2.  Who are you...  Other then some random indistinguishable address like, does the cloak of invisibility help you or hurt … (15 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Chasing Dreams v. Reality Check - 01/13/09 12:17 AM
Is now the time to chase a dream?
Is now the time to buckle down and cement a reputation for yourself in RE?
These questions, of course, can only truly be answered by the person contemplating them...  We recently added a new agent to our office who is family and most likely the long-term future of the company, in our eyes.
Yesterday he sat down separately both with our broker (his uncle, my step-father) and delivered his most difficult pitch to this point, i am sure of that.  He is leaving us in 4-6 months to chase down a dream and … (11 comments)

commercial investment real estate: The Ties that Bind it all Together - 01/09/09 02:00 AM
I am the tie that binds a deal together!  I am not over-confident, in fact, I am simply stating the view from my perspective. A promise that is in the below video from the 2:25 moment and on, sums up how I feel about an agents role in catalyzing a transaction!
"You will never see a player, play as hard as I will the rest of the season, and you will never see someone push the team as hard as I will push everyone the rest of the season, and you will never see a team play harder then we will … (7 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Pain to Replace Gain - 01/08/09 12:49 AM

This year, pain to replace gain...
Nary a bright spot in CoStar Group's first ever state of the Market/Industry Outlook...
The pain felt throughout the U.S. housing market over the past two years is going to catch up with commercial real estate in 2009 when the country will begin to see spikes in office vacancy rates climbing as much as 300 to 400 basis points with many markets expected to experience severe negative net absorption.
That was the assessment of Andrew Florance, founder and CEO of CoStar Group Inc., as presented in the company’s first-ever 2009 State of the Office … (2 comments)

commercial investment real estate: The First 60 Days... - 12/06/08 01:18 AM
Your first 60 days are the most critical.
Whether you are a brand new agent or an experienced agent looking to make a "fresh start". These simple ideas might be just what you need to kick off 2009 on the right foot. Beginning to understand the complexities of real estate, absorbing training, seeking practical experience, making financial adjustment, investing in yourself, getting to know your fellow associates, the office routines, the psychology of listing and selling, learning your market, trying to understand financin- and finally handling successes as well as little setbacks. These are just some of the adjustments you … (17 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Downtown Akron Partnership ** Calender of Events ** Lock 3 Park, First Night - 11/21/08 02:55 AM
Below find calender and events descriptions and dates for Downtown Akron...


commercial investment real estate: Deals are Happening! - 11/20/08 03:28 AM

Recent Sales

commercial investment real estate: Investors - Single Family or Multi Family Properties? - 11/17/08 10:34 AM
I'm sure you read my post and I like that your blog got me thinking and my juices flowing, so I wanted to play devils advocate on my page. 

Investors always ask what kind of property they should buy. Many start the business thinking that a multi unit building is their best bet.  My recommendation to them is to start with a single family house.
I do not invest in small multi family complexes.  I prefer single family houses for rental units.  I have had many … (4 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Don't Shoot First and ask Questions Later!... Unless you feel lucky punk? Well, do Ya? - 11/17/08 05:46 AM
If there is any good thing that has come out of the recent crisis in the mortgage industry in the U.S., it is that some people who have always had an interest in investing in real estate are now finding that dropping prices are making it possible for them to do that. Today, investing in commercial real estate, whether it's residential properties to rent or office and industrial buildings, is quickly becoming a hot ticket item with some. Before you just jump in with both feet so to speak, consider the following tips and cautions.

First off, remember that unlike … (3 comments)

commercial investment real estate: 137-Units ** Medina, Ohio 44256 ** One of Ohio's fasting growing suburbs - 11/17/08 05:29 AM



commercial investment real estate: Renting vs. Leasing. - 11/15/08 08:04 AM
On a daily basis I receive calls from people interested in leasing retail space in some of the shopping centers that I lease and when I tell them the price, most people do not first. The dialogue is usually starts off with someone asking me the price after seeing a sign. They almost always ask, "how much is the space" and my answer is always something like "$25 per square foot(psf)". My response is always followed up with, "oh ok, so its around $2,500 a month. That's not too bad".
Well, my colleagues...this is where retail education is lacking. When … (4 comments)

commercial investment real estate: 45-Units ** Cuyahoga Falls, OH ** Highly Desired Location - 11/15/08 07:51 AM

Price: $2,170,000 Status: Active Agent: Sean Dreznin Email: Phone: 330-762-0535 Ex# 16
Contact Mike Pappas or Sean Dreznin for detailed data or to discuss. 45 Apartment Units: - 15 - 1 Bedroom Apts - 30 - 2 Bedroom Apts Utilities Tenant Pays - Electric (Separate Metered) Owner Pays - Sewer & Water (Hot) - House Electric - Gas Pro Forma Projected Gross Income.......................$304,500 Vacancy @ 7%..................................$21,000 Expenses @ 50.6%.............................$143,000 Projected NOI................................$140,500 Projected Return...................6.5% Average Per Mo/Per Unit..................$558 *Detailed Pro Forma Upon Request *Upside Potential, Great Rental History
COMMENTS: -Confidential Offering - Do Not Disturb Tenants -Built 1966 … (1 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Midwest Blossoming - 11/15/08 01:31 AM
I imagine you have heard recent headlines of "Job Loss", "Foreclosure" and "Bankruptcy/Failure"!
"A HEADLINE IN A RECENT issue of Forbes screamed "America's Fastest Dying Cities." Guess what? Six of the top 10 were located in the Midwest-four in Ohio (Youngstown, Canton, Dayton, and Cleveland) and two in Michigan (Detroit and Flint).
The story said these cities face "fleeing populations, painful waves of unemployment and barely growing economies." One might naturally conclude that multifamily investors are leaving the Midwest for greener pastures-except they're not. In fact, local and regional multifamily investors are still investing their money in America's heartland-even in Detroit … (0 comments)

commercial investment real estate: Are you effectively using all the tools at your fingertips? Part 2 - 11/08/08 04:45 AM
Now, if your reading this, even though "Blogging" would be an obvious Part 2, we are going to assume that your already doing this part and we will call Part 2 ~ Print Advertising Prospecting
Now we all do some form of print advertising, whether it be the local newspaper, harmon homes/grocery store brochures, mailing brochures/postcards, etc. but a twist on "pounding the pavement" that has served me well is scouting the classified ads and creating a file that I use to cut out ads and store them, research them (owner/transfer data/prop data, etc) and most importantly, contact the seller/lessor as we already … (13 comments)

commercial investment real estate: REDUCED ** Duplex ** Motivated Sellers ** Make Offer - 11/07/08 02:20 AM
Fully Occupied Duplex...
Make Offer
 Asking $85,000  ---  Reduced from $114,000  --- WILL ENTERTAIN ALL REASONABLE OFFERS!!!


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