nbc: A little Motivation for today and tomorrow... and so on.... - 04/16/09 02:44 AM
Do you want a body like this?  Keep reading below the picture...

Contestants on "The Biggest Loser" lost anywhere from 40 lbs to 140 lbs... 140LBS ... in 14 weeks...
Now granted, they have trainers and catered food sometimes, but alas, we all have the ability to choose what we put into our mouths and how we live and exercise...
Get up, Get out, Get Going!

Sean Dreznin, Commercial Investment Real Estate Agent (NAI Tampa Bay)

Sean Dreznin

Commercial Investment Real Estate Agent

Sarasota, FL

More about me…

NAI Tampa Bay

Address: 12400 Seminole Blvd, Largo, fl, 33778

Office: (813) 872-7200

Mobile: 941-961-8199

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