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Santa Venetia is a neighborhood in a North Eastern part of San Rafael, and home to the Marin County Civic Center.  As you come off highway 101, at the North San Pedro Road Exit, into Santa Venetia, the Civic Center is on your left and Santa Venetia Market is on your right (along with some bail bo...
A local housing bubble blog here in my neck of the woods says that we should get rid of all real estate agents.  They go on to say that all you need is a car and internet access and when you are ready to write an offer, contact an attorney who is familiar with contract law.  Why, they ask, would ...
At least one day per week I like to do everything just for me, just the way I like it, or not do anything at all.  Before Bob died, I used to do much more fun stuff, and I was in much better shape, being outdoors and all that all the time...  Anyway, today I was drawn the the Marin Headlands, at ...
Are there any markets out there where a clearly defined standard of care is outlined so that Buyers and Sellers know what to expect, and licensees know where the standards and boundaries are?  I know this should be self-evident, but it isn't always.  Other industries, like food service, automotiv...
I was blogging with another local 'Rainer this morning and thought that while the content seemed to be a no-brainer, perhaps I should share it anyway.  (Before you read on, please note that I am not making a blanket statement about all agents.)I have been showing property, in the $1M range (not t...
This morning, like so many others, is so beautiful that I am inspired to go for a power walk.  Only today, I brought my camera, so I was slowed down from time to time by the surrounding natural beauty.  I am a lifelong resident and native of Marin County, but also have another love--and home--in ...
Typically, for closed sales, February is the absolute worst for Marin County.  On average, for the past six years, 213 closed transactions will transpire in Marin County.  To date, 91 transactions have closed, indicating that we might be a little slow starting off this year.  However, if my busin...
Typically, January is not a gangbuster month for real estate in Sonoma, CA.  Over the past ten years, on average, there are 29.3 homes sold/transactions closed in the month of January in this quaint wine country town.  So far, 9 have closed.  This would indicate that this month will be slower tha...
Sonoma Valley is Northern California´s original Wine Country and is located about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco and 20 miles southeast of Santa Rosa.  Sonoma Valley is a wide, flat, expansive valley bordered by two jutting spectacularly dramatic mountain ranges.  The three main towns are So...
In a word:  Everything.  No matter where you are in this County, in a short amount of time you can be enjoying oceans, mountains, big cities, small rural towns, lakes, wineries, ski resorts, camping, whatever your imagination might dream up.  And it's all at your fingertips...In addition to that,...

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