chiricahua real estate: When you represent the buyers...but know the sellers - 07/02/09 09:33 AM
Hi everyone!   I know, it's been a while since I've posted...but, I'm back!
So, I'm sitting in my office on a very stormy day and my phone rings.  OK, nothing special about that.  But, it's the sellers of a property I'm representing the buyers of...we're in escrow. 
I, as politely as possible, tell them I can not discuss this transaction with them...they have an agent and they should be talking to their agent, not me.   They tell me they have left messages for their agent, but he has not responded to their calls and they really need to know what's going … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Beware of Roadrunner? - 06/09/09 09:51 AM
I know, some of you are probably wondering where, exactly, I show property with all my "animal-related" posts...But, seriously, take a look at this little guy.    Yes, he's on a kitchen counter.    My buyers and I were taking another look at this property when this roadrunner showed up at the back door literally begging for lunch.    My buyer opened the door and this little guy just walked right in and hopped up on the counter like that's just where he was supposed to be.     Turns out, he was right.   The sellers have been feeding him (or her?) hamburger meat and, being … (8 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Just too cute not to share - 06/06/09 11:52 AM
Many of you know I raise dairy goats...well, these two little guys are 1 day old about right now.   I just had to share.


chiricahua real estate: Investors investing...again? - 06/05/09 03:20 PM
A while back I blogged about the foreign investors who came through looking at property, mostly land, and looking for "deals."   Since then, it seems like our "home-grown" investors are out scouting out the deals as well.
Is this the "turn-around" we've all been waiting for?   Who knows.  But, it certainly is encouraging to see that the investors are starting to invest in real estate once again.   There are probably as many reasons as there are investors...but, in my local area it seems like investors are looking to "pick up" residential income property.   The Border Patrol here is apparently expanding and … (1 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Sellers: your home may not be ready for the market if... - 06/04/09 02:33 AM
If you really want to sell you home, it really needs to be ready to be sold.  Therefore, I have put together a list, based on properties I have shown so far this week, to let you know when your home is NOT ready.
If you own three cars and two of them are broke down in the middle of your front yard...maybe your home is not ready to sell.
If to save money you decided to paint the exterior of your house yourself...but that was three years and two paint color changes ago and it still is not finished...maybe your … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Sometimes it really is the little things... - 06/03/09 11:59 AM
Yes, this is a picture of a frog.  But, this is not just any frog...

this is the frog that "sold" a property this afternoon.   I know, I know, it sounds "fishy"...but this little frog did, indeed "seal the deal."   My buyers today came to look at property very tentatively, see, they thought ALL of southern Arizona is desert.   The husband had mentioned on the phone that he has a job opportunity in the area and needed to reassure his wife that he was not bringing her out to the desert.  She grew up not far from where they currently … (5 comments)

chiricahua real estate: When two of your clients want the same property - 05/30/09 09:23 AM
For the past several weeks I've been working with two different sets of buyers who have been looking, essentially, for the same thing.  In the back of my mind has been the dreaded thought "what if they both fall in love with the same property?"  But, I thought that was a pretty remote chance.
So, while I have not shown them exactly the same properties, there are some subtle differences in what they're looking for, there have been a couple of properties that I have shown everyone.
Wouldn't you know it?  Yesterday I got a call from family 1 saying 'we're … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Another beautiful sunset! - 05/29/09 01:40 PM
I took this picture right after it had rained and just before the sun went down last evening.  Since I've been out today taking listing pictures I had not had a chance to really look at it until now.  It just came out so nice I just had to share it. 


chiricahua real estate: The ____ (insert your favorite country of origin here) are coming!!! - 05/28/09 07:35 AM
Recently we had an "tour" of people from a distant land come through the area I live and work in.  They were looking for "real estate bargains" and certainly were serious buyers.   Lucky enough to have been selected to travel along with them, I got to know some of these investors and some of the cultural differences that exist between our lands.
One example was when a particular investor did find a property he especially liked...he wanted to pay for it right there, on the spot.   The concept of first writing an offer, then waiting for a response etc. was just … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: The Javelinas are WILD - 05/27/09 01:54 PM
I know it seems like I've recently posted several times about various animal incidents while showing property...but this one I just had to pass along anyway.
Earlier today I was showing a very remote property to a very nice couple.  They really seemed to be enjoying the property and the fact that it was at least a half mile from the nearest neighbors.  We talked about all different types of wildlife in the area and what animals they could expect to see on this particular property.     All total, we probably spent an hour walking the property, they took pictures, we found … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: I hope everyone had a great back to work! - 05/25/09 01:00 PM
With the Memorial Day now behind us, and I do hope everyone found a service person and said "thank you," it's now time to get back to the ole grind-stone.   Actually I know some of us worked all weekend, and I did see several open houses hosting barbecues, but I do hope everyone took at least a little bit of time off.
Many real estate professionals that I know personally have stopped taking time off recently, apparently feeling that by going out and 'beating the bushes' every day for a period of time they will single-handedly turn the real estate market … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Yes, there are snakes in the country...and dirt roads get muddy in the rain - 05/21/09 03:38 PM
It's true, most real estate professionals do not work in rural areas, and most people do not live in rural areas.  For those of us who do though, there are just things we kind of take for granted.  And on those occasions when we have either clients or just visitors from "the big city" some of those things that we live with on a daily basis really can become a source of humor.
Take, for instance, snakes.  I'm not talking necessarily about rattlesnakes, though we certainly have those as well, I'm just referring to the numerous non-poisonous, common "red racer" snakes … (2 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Happy Monday! - 05/18/09 02:33 AM
I don't know what the weather's been like where you are, but here in the southeastern corner of Arizona it's been unseasonably HOT!   I know, most of you think that's what Arizona is always like.  Actually here is the Sulphur Springs Valley, we're not usually this hot until late June or July...just about when our monsoon rains start.   So, being in the mid-90's in May is quite unusual.    The good news is that, yes, our monsoon rains are supposed to start earlier than usual as well this year.  In fact, yesterday we had an afternoon shower and it's already building over … (0 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Have we hit the bottom yet? How 'bout now? OK, now? - 05/15/09 02:26 AM
This seems to be the question of the day. Everyone wants to know when it's safe to "get back into the water" with real estate. Problem is, no one really has the answer to this question.Real estate has been and always will be all about location, location, location. So, even though many parts of the country (and world for that matter) still have dismally slow or even nonexistent real estate markets right now, there are parts of the country where things do seem to be picking up a bit. And, everywhere, there are tremendous deals to be had. So, even though … (2 comments)

chiricahua real estate: What do you think about "One-Stop-Shopping?" - 04/17/09 10:46 AM
Everyone knows we are in a recession and that most real estate markets are in the doldrums.  Due to this many real estate professionals are looking at ways to drum up business, cut back on expenses etc.  Recently in my area it has become popular to offer a sort of "one-stop-shopping" experience to buyers of real estate in the form of real estate agents also being mortgage brokers or also being insurance brokers or even one who is also an appraiser.
While on one hand I can see where this could benefit clients, but what about a conflict of interest?  I … (4 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Why do you want my signs? - 04/04/09 12:13 PM
I don't know if anyone else experiences this - or if other areas have this issue as we do around here, but for the third time in the past week I've received a call from a seller saying "hey the sign you put in our yard is gone."    Huh?   Why on earth would anyone take a real estate sign?   What can they possibly be using them for?
This seems to be a very common occurrence in my neck-of-the-woods as I have several real estate friends who also have signs "go missing."   None of us can figure out what the deal is.   … (4 comments)

chiricahua real estate: Investing in Land in Cochise County - 02/26/09 01:26 PM
Wow, I've received calls from many people asking all kinds of questions about the local market here in the past, but this most recent call has got to be the all-time "winner" for scheer number of questions asked in a single phone call.   Not that this is a bad thing at all, it's just that most people don't really take the time to write down everything they need to know in order to make an investment decision.   Well, this guy wrote a book!
It really got me thinking about how we, as real estate professionals, might be able to assist people … (0 comments)

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