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Celebrate Earth Hour tomorrow night!  Join the global movement for sustainability and environmentally conscious decisions by participating in Earth Hour.  Saturday, March 28th will be the third year of the Earth Hour movement.  All you need to do to show your support is to turn off all of your li...
Have we hit the bottom yet?  Ahhh...who knows.  But, here are some really interesting statistics that were shared with a group of Realtors on Tuesday morning.  The information was provided by our local MLS and compiled by the wonderful Brian McMartin - thanks for sharing Brian!   In Sacramento Co...
I love being a pet owner in Sacramento!  I had the opportunity on Saturday afternoon to wander with my two dogs through William Land Park.  The semi-recent addition of the jogging trail has made our walks just that much better, with a level surface and fewer mud puddles.  Fellow Land Park trail u...
It seems that every day I hear of a new scam to "help" people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments.  I have seen and heard dozens of advertisements for companies who will help you with your loan modification for a large fee.  While I am sure that some companies may be worth every pe...
On Tuesday, the Sacramento Association of Realtors invited Leslie Appleton-Young, the Chief Economist and Vice President of the California Association of Realtors to share her thoughts on the 2009 California Real Estate Market.  Ms. Appleton-Young began her presentation with an update on the econ...
In the past, open houses held on a rainy day offered the opportunity for Realtors to catch up on some reading or return phone calls. Many have even cancelled open houses on rainy days because of lack of buyer interest in braving the wet weather.  However, our most recent storm system hasn't seeme...
  Sellers beware!  Disclose, disclose, disclose!  A recent California appellate court case found in favor of a buyer who sued the seller for misrepresentation and negligence.  What happened?   Throughout the years in his condominium, the seller had experienced periodic problems with water intrusi...
Property Tax Reassessments.  I recently received an official looking letter in the mail encouraging me to file for a reassessment of my property value.   They estimate that I could save as much as $1200 annually.  And, all I have to do is return the top portion of their form along with a $179 pay...
I am so blessed.  Sometimes I find myself listening a little too well to the ‘doom and gloom' stories on the news or paying a little too much attention to the depressing newspaper headlines.  But, then...I stop and think, and I remind myself how very blessed I am. I feel so lucky to have a wonder...

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