I have been extremely frustrated by the fact that title reps or any other partners that provide realtor services (lenders, home inspectors...) have not been successful in organizing realtor tours for our listings!  I have had 2 cancel in the last 2 weeks because they tell me that 6-8 realtors can...
When a borrower is unable to meet the monthly mortgage payments on their home, the borrower will lose title to their home through: 1. A Short Sale 2. Foreclosure, or 3. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure But, did you know that under Section 108(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, a mortgage lender ...
There are many legitimate organizations that help consumers fix their credit, but others are just waiting to take advantage of those needing help. In today's world of easy credit, bad credit and heavy debts are not uncommon. For many people, debt and credit problems become unmanageable. If you ar...
Your Primary Home is First. Buying your own home gives you a place to live and teaches you the cost of home ownership, financing and market conditions. You receive tax benefits and an asset that you can sell, many times for a profit. You will also learn about property maintenance and build your ...
 In a buyers' market it can often be tricky to get even close to your asking price. There are, however, a few things you can do to help get a little closer, or even actually get your asking price. A recent Realty Times article discussed some of the following tips that most people can implement to...
  Make your home desirable for a buyer.  What made you fall in love with your home when you bought it?  What are the home's weaknesses?  Be clear on both of these and enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.  If the house lacks storage space, don't enhance that fact by not cleaning out ...
On the news this morning, I saw that "foreclosures were up 75% from December 2006 to December 2007." 1 out of every 100 homes are going into foreclosure, with California and Florida hit the hardest. Knowing that this amount of people are entering into the foreclosure process, I felt that providi...
 A colleague from San Diego sent me the excerpt below, and I thought it was an excellent reminder. The industry we work in has sure had its share of blows. The media has shelled out negative report after negative report, even at times when it wasn't negative. (Remember the days of 80% appreciatio...
Today's market has brought about the illusion that buyers hold all the cards and can offer whatever they "feel" is a good price for a house and that every seller should appreciate whatever they can get and be happy someone wants to buy their house. To all the buyers out there, "Control yourselves...

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