The Real Estate Revolution (REREV)

Real Estate Agent - The Kelly Domaille Team at Keller Williams Premier Realty
Challenging the status quo in the Real Estate industry...finding and/or creating a niche presence in numerous areas...always asking the "why" to the "why not’s"...
Sappy, huh?   But so true in most of our lives. The thing is, we all have mentors, most of us just don't realize it and for those who do, they don't know how to cultivate the knowledge they are being exposed to.   Guidance, etiquette, models and name it and our mentors have it and a...
There's always some facet of your job that you have a hard time convincing yourself to complete. You know it's true and may stem from lack of knowledge, embarrassment, fear of rejection or just plain laziness. I have my own parts of my profession I procrastinate on and I am here to tell you, I kn...
  I'm in Cabo San Lucas this week and have noticed something interesting. The people and their service has been nothing short of excellent, but some of their results have been less than expected. Here's what I mean.   We have gone on two excursions so far and both have flopped in my opinion. The ...
When you are looking for something you have no knowledge of, whats the first thing you do? Ask questions.    You need to find an expert in the field you are searching in and share your parameters and needs with then. You build a relationship with them and begin to trust their knowledge and judge...
Think quick. Off the top of your head, how many questions could you ask where you would possibly get a completely different response each week ? (Those of us with teenagers would easily say hundreds!) That may very well be where we are at in the current Real Estate market. Now I know some of you ...
That's been my struggle for a number of months now and maybe yours too. The Real Estate business offers you the best opportunity to make as much money as you want and build relationships along the way. Unfortunately, it also provides you with what I believe is the greatest number of distractions ...
I thought I'd take some time away from work today and play some golf. A sport I love and really the only thing that gets me away from working. I play a lot, so today wasn't a "Special" day by any means. I would play regardless of who I am playing with, the weather conditions or how well I was pla...
No, I'm not talking about the current downturn in the Real Estate market. I'm actually bringing you useful information concerning a home's aging components such as windows, appliances or roofing. These, along with many other items which make up a home, can be pricey, so knowing their approximate ...
The next 365 days in the Real Estate market will be the worst we have seen. We need four major key things to happen before we can confidently say that we are actually in a housing recovery.The first thing we need is stabilization in the home prices. This will only happen when the massive amount o...

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