honolulu real estate: LIVING GREEN - Tips, treasures and opportunity - 08/15/08 12:38 PM
I've always tried to live a healthier way of life, both for my family and for the environment.  Unfortunately, the novelty of making my son's organic baby food wore off after 3 months. It was time consuming and tideous and he would usually end up screaming by the time this working mother could get food grinder out.   I retreated to purchasing organic baby food from the grocery store because I wanted the best for him. 
The  environmental issues we are faced with have never been more significant and making changes can be overwhelming.  Remember everything you put in a drain, whether it be in the tub, the … (4 comments)

honolulu real estate: Making Your Business Fun and Profitable - 08/13/08 09:05 PM
In my life I have had many dreams.  Some have come true and some are still fantasies, but knowing by putting yourself out there and believing in yourself is the biggest part of the equation.
I never thought a year and a half ago, I would complete any Marathon, yet last December I completed the Honolulu Marathon in a respectable 5 hours and 33 minutes.  I never dreamt I would train for a Triathlon, yet this year I completed two and on my 48th birthday I actually placed 3rd for the Honolulu Triathlon Sprint in my age division.  I didn't do … (11 comments)

honolulu real estate: Who says the market is slow? - 07/30/08 08:35 PM
This is my best year yet, so when I hear the market is slow, from other agents, I ask them, "How much of your business is by referral?"  Mine is 88%.  That means I am doing good work in cultivating trust and long term relationships with my clients and my contacts.
A lot of people ask, "How do you acquire that kind of referral rate?"  In my eyes it's simple.  Be yourself, be ethical, help others, be honest, don't be in this business "to make a sale", give your customers good advice and keep your snot nose clean.
This … (1 comments)

honolulu real estate: I've been away... way away. - 04/22/08 10:56 PM
Imagine my surpise when I log onto active rain to update a number of completely outdated items on my page and I find a bank.  A bank?  For a Campaign?  I knew things were changing but... holy moly.  Well change they have and so have I. 
Things have indeed changed.  The irony of seeing a bank on Active rain struck me.  Over the last 6 month facing the deteriorating health of my mother, I strained to put my time into everything as if nothing was changing.  Almost a year after the first set back in her health she peacefully passed on January … (12 comments)

honolulu real estate: Don Ho - Beyond Tiny Bibbles - 04/14/07 07:21 PM

It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell of the passing of one of Hawaii's most celebrated talents, Don Ho, who passed today at the age of 76.  This story is not about his passing as much as it is about the impact he had on others.  Those close to him and those who knew him from a far.  From thousands of miles away Don Ho left his impression on everyone he touched.
My grandmother in law, was one who loved and reverred him from afar.  One of her dreams was to put her toes into the sand … (2 comments)

honolulu real estate: Coming to Live in Hawaii? A Strategy for Relocation Success. - 01/05/07 06:00 PM

Moving to Hawaii is a little like moving to another country.  We have many different cultures, many different customs and a hundred little neighborhoods to experience them all in. Some people come to Hawaii knowing exactly where they want to purchase.  They have the advantage of traveling many times to the island or may take a friend or relative's word for a neighborhood. 
If you have never lived in Hawaii, be assurred that each individual's experience is unique.  Each experience is never repeated because of the many differences and nuuance the island hold.  One resource you might find helpful for rounding … (0 comments)

honolulu real estate: My Philosophy of Working in December has CHANGED! - 01/04/07 08:09 PM
If your market is anything like mine, you'll appreciate what December does to people and the subsequent New Year.  Agents go in to hiding, some disappear entirely, others call you from God knows where and some just don't bother.  There are some that are still their perky happy selves answering calls, returning calls promptly and showing property, but for the most part I notice a distinct absence of regularity during the holidays.
This year I worked full steam through the holidays (with a day of rest here and there) and found it to be pretty invigorating, in particular, today when I was … (2 comments)

honolulu real estate: Sprites and Virus's and Malware Oh MY! Internet Explorer's Vulnerability - 11/01/06 12:13 PM
Think you know your computer, think again... 
Coming from a technology background I thought I was savvy enough to spot a virus or problems with my computer.  So three weeks ago when my computer started running slower than normal I attributed to the very high quality Music CD scans I made so my library could never be scratched.  I disabled pop-ups ions ago so I certainly could not be exposed that way or could I?
I actively use more than one virus scan/firewall/spamkiller/security center on my computer so where ever I am I always consider myself protected.  My realization of how compromised I … (6 comments)

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