santa rosa beach: Benefits of Using a Buyer's Agent - 11/14/10 11:19 PM
One benefit of using a buyer's agent like me to represent you when you buy a home is that I'll put my excellent negotiation skills to work, so you pay the lowest possible price.   In some cases, this not only means settling on an excellent sale price. It can also mean arranging the best mortgage terms, reducing your closing costs, as well as getting the home seller to throw in extras and pay for repairs not required by the home inspection.
I'll even get you discounts through my network of recommended home service providers.   Not only that, but all … (0 comments)

santa rosa beach: Discrimination is just plain WRONG - 10/30/10 01:14 AM
I am co-chair of the Fair Housing Rules Committee for the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors and a Member of the Board.  It is just plain wrong to deny anyone the opportunity to own a home.  I can't believe that some are still trying to get away with discrimination.
Liberty and Justice for ALL.  Look it up.

santa rosa beach: Watercolor Current Absorption Rate - 10/16/10 04:58 AM
Absorption Rate for Watercolor Single Family Homes
In Watercolor here are the latest stats:  
Number of active home listings in Watercolor today are:  88
Number of listings that sold in the last 30 days are:  5
Number that sold (5) x 12 months = 60
60 divided by 52 weeks a year = 1.15 units per week
Watercolor still has a 76 week supply of inventory.     Still a very strong buyer's market.
Kelly Klein, Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc.  Broker/Owner

santa rosa beach: Lunch at the Beach doesn't get any better - 10/16/10 03:35 AM

I am sitting having lunch at the Santa Rosa Beach Club off of Hwy. 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  It is located in Walton County.  No wonder when I laid eyes on this place I knew exactly where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.  It just doesn't get any better.  I love it here. 
You should come for a visit too.  The Club is open to the public.  Many people hold weddings on the beach and use the club for their reception.  No wonder.  Can you say Heaven?
Kelly Klein, Buyer's Specialist for Lifeguard Real … (0 comments)

santa rosa beach: Fall in is the Air - 10/08/10 02:31 AM
Cooler Temperatures and clear skies have brought the buyers back to this area.  Even our local shimpers are reporting that business is almost back to normal levels.  It is the best time of the year to visit our area.  Absolutely beautiful and the monarch butterflys have just arrived.  One of my clients told me yesterday she saw a whale out in the Gulf of Mexico and the dolphins are extra playful right now jumping clear up and out of the water doing spins like they are all part of a paid act.  Don't miss this area.  This is a must see … (2 comments)

santa rosa beach: Appliance Buying Guide: Ranges - 10/08/10 02:25 AM

Appliance Buying Guide: Ranges
Article From
By: Douglas TrattnerPublished: January 15, 2010
 When deciding on a new range, here's what you'll need to know about features, style, price, and performance.
Most ranges do a fine job of boiling water, baking cookies, and roasting the holiday bird. The major distinguishing factor will be whether the one you buy does so using gas or electricity. In general, a gas range with electronic ignition (instead of a gas-fired pilot light) can cost up to 50% less to operate than an electric model, depending on the price of utilities in your area.
Because … (1 comments)

santa rosa beach: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale - 10/07/10 02:35 AM

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale Article From
By: G. M. FiliskoPublished: February 10, 2010
Working to get your home ship-shape for showings will increase its value and shorten your sales time.
Many buyers today want move-in-ready homes and will quickly eliminate an otherwise great home by focusing on a few visible flaws. Unless your home shines, you may endure showing after showing and open house after open house-and end up with a lower sales price. Before the first prospect walks through your door, consider some smart options for casting your home in its best light.
1. … (0 comments)

santa rosa beach: Thursday Nights are Pizza by the Sea Night ! - 09/30/10 12:49 AM
Voted the best pizza in Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459.  I am meeting friends for dinner tonight at Pizza by the Sea.  It is located across from Watercolor and next to the Watercolor Publix. 
When looking for Pizza by the Sea, you will find many other reviews and write-ups on it.  It even has its own Facebook Page.
It is also mentioned at many travel sites likr Trip Advisor, Travelocity,, and many others.  Yelp gives it a 4 star rating out of 5.

Watercolor Home Subdivision which sits across from this popular pizza spot is one of … (0 comments)

santa rosa beach: Fall has arrived at the Coast - 09/28/10 03:10 AM
Just a glorious day today with temperatures in the high 60s this morning and warming up to 82 this afternoon.  October is my favorite time of the year at the beach.  Just absolutely beautiful here.  Butterflys are migrating on their way to Mexico and arrive in our area about this time yearly.  All of my doors and windows are open with a delightful breeze coming through the office this morning.  I can't imagine anyone wanting to live somewhere other than here.
Here is photo from my morning walk today.

Hope to see you at the Beach !

santa rosa beach: Local Predictions for 2010 - 02/07/10 09:08 AM
Taking a look at all facts of my own backyard I have come up with several predictions for 2010.  My area covers three counties.  These are Okaloosa County, Walton County, and Bay County, Florida.  Located along the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle.  It is simply one of the most beautiful places in the United States to live and work.
In the last 12 months there have been 2,200 jobs lost locally.  This is not as high as the National Average and rates around 8.4% locally.
I see oil prices going up and pump prices to go as high as … (2 comments)

santa rosa beach: Do you Connect? - 01/17/10 05:37 AM
Writing blog posts and emailing people I hardly even know may seem to some like a waste of time, but for many it is a matter of asking the right questions.
What you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are connecting in a meaningful manner.  Ways that can help are open ended questions beginning with 1) Tell me about yourself  2)  How did you get to where you are today?  3)  When did you decide to do what you are doing now?  4)  What brought you to make the decisions you've made so far in your life and … (2 comments)

santa rosa beach: Give yourself a raise in 2010 - 12/02/09 09:20 AM
What better way to give yourself a raise in 2010 than to work for yourself.  Be responsible for your own hours, your own paycheck, your own success or failures.  This is what I have decided to do in 2010.
Announcing the opening of Lifeguard Real Estate, Inc., Kelly Klein, Lic. Real Estate Broker.
I am looking forward to your referrals and servicing your client's needs with professionalism and expertise.  I specialize in working with resort and 2nd home buyers, as well as First Time Home buyers.  Lots, condos, townhomes, or single family homes; does not matter.  I am here to serve! 

santa rosa beach: Tips on Getting Your Home Insurance Lowered - 09/22/09 08:43 AM
Tips on Getting Your Home Insurance Lowered  
1)  Did you know that having a good credit score counts?  Some companies reward customers with up to a 10% discount just for having good credit.  
2)  Age of Home counts too.  Homes built after 2002 automatically get a discount because they comply with the new Florida building codes.  
3)  If you have a central burglar or fire alram you can save more money on your policy.  
4)  There is a retiree discount available as well.  Some companies give discounts to those who are 65 or older.  
5)  Mitagation … (4 comments)

santa rosa beach: Walton County Market Trends - 09/17/09 12:31 PM
There were 101 homes that sold in Walton County in the month of August.  This is up over last year for the same period when there were 99.  This slight increase can be attributed to the $8,000 first time home buyer's credit as well as reduced prices and foreclosures that have hit the marketplace.
Condo sales were also up for the month of August.  There were 59 sales in the month of August compared to last year same period of 43 sales.  Condos continue to be a risky purchase in some complexes.  Not only do you have to qualify as a … (0 comments)

santa rosa beach: Foreclosures in the Panhandle of Florida - 09/17/09 12:16 PM
For the very latest updates in the Panhandle on foreclosures or distressed properties, please contact me to have your name added to my Monday morning report at
For the very latest information on how to bid on a short sale, REO, or foreclosured property you will need my guidance. 
Remember that serious buyers make serious offers.  Recently I have run into multiple offer situations where properties are now selling for over the list price.  Make sure you are in the now and have all information readily available to make a smart buying decision.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

santa rosa beach: Walton County Florida ~ Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, FL Market Trends - 07/08/09 11:32 AM
The Market Report is out for the Month of June.
I can send you a full report, but below are my comments.
Walton County Florida ranks third in the whole State of Florida for the lowest mileage rates in the State.  It is a beautiful county the size of the State of Rhode Island with 50,000 permanent residents.  The county stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alabama border to our north.  If you have never been here, you should place this county on your must see list.  The diversity of the county from rich Horse Farms in the North … (3 comments)

santa rosa beach: Resales are Up - 06/06/09 12:19 AM
Okalossa and Walton County, Florida
Complimentary Report on Market Conditions
by Kelly Klein, Realtor
Red Hot Realty

The May results are in and the month of May show that finally we are seeing a decrease in the number of short sales, but an increase in the total of foreclosures.  This may be a result of short sales that have not sold or closed properly finally falling into the foreclosure category.  
New home sales are pretty much all but gone as new builders have pretty much given up competing against the lower prices and resales.  
Resales however are selling and selling … (7 comments)

santa rosa beach: Today's Hot Sheet - 05/19/09 05:35 AM
All indicators show that prices are continuing to drop here in the Panhandle.  Today's hot sheet shows all price drops with the exception of one listing.
To get all of the latest information on foreclosures in the area, please visit
My Featured Listings can be found at
Client Testimonials can be found at
And the reason why I am "Not Just Your Ordinary Realtor" can be found here ~
Have a great day!
Kelly Klein
Red Hot Realty ~ Broker/Agent
Destin Real Estate, Destin Real Estate Agents, Florida, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach

santa rosa beach: Swine Flu and Hyperbole - 05/04/09 11:23 PM
There have been a total of 226 swine flu cases reported in the US.  In comparison to the US population this is miniscule.  There has been only 1 case of death from this flu.  The biggest state affected is New York, followed by Texas, followed by California.  That makes sense that where some of our largest population resides, so do the swine flu show up. 
In the State of Florida there have only been 3 reported cases.
The Federal Government and manufactureres have begun the process of developing a vaccine against the novel H1N1 flu virus.  People who are sick are … (3 comments)

santa rosa beach: Successful Realtors Take More Heat - 05/01/09 06:53 AM
I am having a successful year.  What I find interesting about this is that other Realtors get so jealous when you are having a good year.  Today I took down all of the posts that dealt with market reports because they contained links to listings that I do not own.  Guess what?  I hardly ever take a listing.  I work as a Buyer's Representative and not a Listing Agent.  99% of my business is as a buyer's representative.  In order to do this you must provide listings to them from the local MLS to provide them a range of choices in which … (8 comments)

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