montana: It's Raining again!! I thought this was a desert?? - 06/16/10 06:11 AM
Well here we are and it is raining again!!  I have not seen so much rain in the 15 years  Ihave been here.  The landscape is green and lush and beautiful.  I thought this great plains area was technically a desert.  I guess every decade we must get some moisture to recharge everything. 
Most days are typically sunny and bright.  This spring has been cloudy and rainy.  The rivers are dangerously high so be careful if you are planning to be near them. 
I would assume the farmers are pretty happy with all the rain but I bet they are worried about … (3 comments)

montana: Great Falls & Malmstrom AFB - 06/08/10 03:09 AM
Spring Is Here!!
Well the sun is shining again.  We had a very hard winter and a very cold, rainy spring.  Our unusual temperatures are what some are saying was normal 30 years ago. I don't know about that.  All I can say is it was a tough one and with all the moisture I have never seen the fields so gorgeous.
It looks like my grape plants are coming up finally but the lavender didn't do so well (its not really supposed to grow here at all).  I finally cut the three varieties of rhubarb I am growing at the … (0 comments)

montana: Great Falls & Malmstrom AFB - 12/15/09 04:25 PM
Happy Holidays!!!!
The weather outside was frightful - 31 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit.  Today it was 18 below at 5 am at my stable and by 7 am it was 9 below.  By noon it was 35 degrees above and delightful.  Welcome to Montana!!! 
We love it here!!  The people are nice, no traffic to speak of and super schools for our children.  We even have a Starbucks - and they finally got savory foods in too!! 
We have hundreds of parks in town.  The city is very well lay-ed out.  Paris Gibson the founder of Great Falls was certainly talented.  … (1 comments)

montana: Montana State Fair is here!!!! - 07/31/09 04:03 AM

Well it is that time of year again.  The Montana State Fair is back in full swing here in Great Falls, Montana.  The funny thing is that for the first time in forever it has rained almost every night.  I can't hardly believe it either.  It hasn't rained this much in July in decades. 
On the bright side Cascade County took over the fair operations from the city and they have reduced the prices of the concerts and show packages.  This is a good thing with everyone watching their budgets. 
My 5 year old daughter was given a show … (4 comments)

montana: Spring is here, spring is here!!! - 05/13/09 02:39 PM
Well I have to tell you that I didn't really think it would happen.  Spring is here.  Yes we got snow again this morning but it warmed up to about 60 degrees F today and most trees are budding out.  The three feet of snow we got a week and a half ago made me think that winter was never going to leave.
For those of you who are not familiar with Great Falls, Montana or might consider moving here you should know that for over the past 10 years we have experienced a severe drought.  We have had record moisture … (3 comments)

montana: Great Falls ranked 85th Nationally - Best Small Places - 04/04/09 01:51 AM
Here is a little tidbit about Great Falls Montana that I read yesterday.  Forbes has ranked the top 200 "Best Small Places for Business and Careers" for 2009.  Believe it or not our city Great Falls was ranked 85th in the nation.  Forbes bases the criteria on the cost of doing business, projected job growth and education.  Wow!!! 
We know we have one of the best real estate markets because we have not suffered any price reductions like other areas in the U.S.  I sort of think of it like we are always in the toilet and when the national economy bottoms … (1 comments)

montana: Today's Interest Rate is 4.8% in Great Falls, Montana - 01/13/09 01:50 PM
How cool is this?  Interest is so low.  Wow.  I guess we are bucking all the trends with new low rates.  Here in Montana we don't have very many foreclosures (like one per 7500 homes) so our prices haven't taken the proverbial dip like in other areas.  We are lucky, but this is also not the place to shop for blue light specials on houses either. 
Homes that are dated are taking the biggest hit here, but that is the norm when they start out overpriced.  If houses are priced right they sell in almost all price ranges.  Of course our … (3 comments)

montana: Million Dollar Listings, another take. - 10/14/08 05:35 AM
The bulk of my market is single family residential.  I do and have sold many million dollar listings. 
The inexperienced may think that million dollar listings here in Montana should be treated the same as $100,000 listings.  Whether it be a home or a ranch a million dollar listing requires special attention and marketing. 
My philosophy is no different but marketing techniques sure are.   The various avenues you market a million dollar listing to, to be sure you are targeting the right audience, makes a difference if you want to do your duty to your seller to get the most exposure. 

montana: Great Falls, Montana is not the end of the earth!!! - 09/10/08 04:40 AM
Well, as we are fast approaching fall and the "election" I must remind myself to prepare for the upcoming Holidays and winter.  This makes me think of all the neat things I actually got done this past spring and summer and trips I want to plan. Despite what many of my out of state and out of country friends think, Great Falls is really not the end of the earth.  lOl.
First we have several airlines that fly into Great Falls now.  This year we were even blessed with the addition of more direct flights to Las Vegas.  We can get to Denver, … (2 comments)

montana: Great Falls, Montana - 07/31/08 04:49 PM
Okay, here is the thing with our housing market.  We do not have all the wild excitement of other markets, so we don't have big highs and big lows in real estate here in Great Falls, Montana.  Our market is pretty boring, as it just plugs along.  So when people ask me how we are dong, because the national real estate market is bottoming out, I respond, " oh well it's just the same as usual". 
Great Falls, Montana is a super place to live.  There are many things to do both in the summer and in the winter and we … (2 comments)

montana: Great Falls, Montana - 04/11/08 03:33 PM
I love living in Great Falls, Montana.  It is pretty safe compared to many other places in the country.  People here are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.  Schools are very highly rated, although our teachers are not well paid at all.  It is a dry climate and can get bone chilling cold in the winter.  Summers are hot and dry and it is very, very sunny year round.  Oh, and we have wind and lots of it.  I guess the fact that our community is safe and friendly and that it is sunny almost every day make up … (6 comments)

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