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Kelowna is booming with new development at the moment, particularly in the Condo sector of the market. There was yet more exciting development news from the Kelowna real estate market this week with Kelowna city council approving two new developments for our city.One of those developments is a pr...
What is driving the explosive demand for condos in Kelowna? It doesn't hurt that they have an amazing lake, Okanagan, running through it. Orchard City, or K-town, is on the same line of latitude as Vancouver Island on the Pacific coast. Kelowna is in the southern part of the province.The first Eu...
Even if you’ve only been paying a passing interest to the Kelowna Condo market in recent years, you’ve no doubt noticed that there are quite a number of condo developments in the works. This means that more and more folks are purchasing pre-sale condos.On that note, I recently got asked whether I...
Living a healthy lifestyle revolves around eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet and maintaining a solid exercise routine. There are plenty of options when considering different gyms in Kelowna. Here are three terrific gyms that cater to different lifestyles, all of which feature advanced equip...
Glenmore LivingGlenmore is in one of the more established areas of Kelowna, located in the winding hills to the north. This very family-friendly neighbourhood has breath-taking beauty.  Major developments are well-planned by city planners to make use of the natural landscape for parks and recreat...
Summer is traditionally the peak time for condo sales, and that will no doubt be the case this year too.However, the Kelowna condo market does seem to be in a period of transition right now. We’re starting to see fewer sales in comparison to years past and consequently, there’s more inventory on ...
Lower Mission-Kelowna Lower Mission in the City of Kelowna is a historic area where the first white settlement in the Okanagan Valley took place. Dating back to 1859 when the occupation of the whites was first established, Lower Mission is known as the oldest community of Kelowna.  This, however,...
Whether you're moving to Kelowna or you're wondering about the draws of the area, you should know about Big White. Big White Ski Resort is a popular attraction for those who love the powder. As an internationally renowned destination for skiing and snowboarding, Big White offers one of the best w...
Whether you're new to investment properties or you've been around the block a few times, there's always a chance that someone out there is looking to pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, more experienced investors might do better to keep their guard up against scammers. Any time you find yourse...
When it comes to an experience that can be tricky to manage for first timers, home buying is without a doubt one of the most challenging endeavours out there. It can be exciting, tiring, frustrating, or just outright scary. The best action you can take to remain in control during the entire proce...

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