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Is a closing gift necessary?  Required?  Optional?  Do you give a gift to your buyers or sellers when you close a transaction for them?  My wife and I do.  We have done so for almost 20 years now.  We always know it is very appreciated.  We did different kinds of gifts in the beginning, home warr...
On March 1st a new book will be released, 'Surviving Your Serengeti' by Stefan Swanepoel.  Stefan writes of Africa and the great herds and their migrations.  He ties these amazing migrations to Sean Spencer, his wife Ashley and several others, who have been living the economic downturn at home, d...
Incline Village Nevada Real Estate is getting aflow of buyers.  This is stubbornly good news when comparing today's numbers to those of the past year.  Tis certainly not a boom market.  Sellers are not ready to give it all away, but they are ready to make it happen.  In this persons opinion, this...
NORTH LAKE TAHOE REAL ESTATE AFFECTED BY OIL PRICES.  We are watching history unfold in the Middle East at a mind-boggling pace.  Are we going to see $4.00 a gallon gasoline soon?  Probably more through other geopolitical reasons than political tensions in Egypt and the other countries in that re...
You probably joined us in welcoming the New Year and ushering last year to the door.  First time we have stayed up for ringing in the new year in sometime.  But we were so glad to move on, we made the commitment, went partying.  Probably among the best two or three New Years we have celebrated. Y...
Well written blog post by Rick Jacobson titled Referrals in the Rain.  I wrote a response, sent it off yesterday.  Then I re-read it today.  It was so long I should have made it a blog.   So I am......  Being part of a national franchise rather than a local or regional brokerage doesn't provide a...
We are getting together with friends, family, neighbors to take pause, visit and give thanks for our past year.   While together, whether it be at a family feast, a cocktail party a club or society holiday dinner, a community event, the conversation is inevitably going to be about real estate.  W...
So it appears....... at the moment interest rates are entering an upward trend. I am not sure this is entirely bad.  Fixed-income investors have received so little return for such a long time, I think they bought gold or something.  Maybe even a little real estate. The very recent huge purchases ...
The stunning indigo blue inland sea known as Lake Tahoe was not always full of large expensive homes and a real estate market that is as flat as the lake itself.  Lake Tahoe might have remained undiscovered had it not been for Indians and a few intrepid settlers.  Settlers with enough stamina to ...
 Setting goals, making a business plan, reviewing a business plan...   These are things that are hard to do. It's only the first week of December, and I keep reading how now is the time to start planning and setting goals. I would like to not wait until 2011 like everyone else but I may just end ...

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