buyers: What is the best web host for your Real Estate site? - 02/17/08 10:46 PM
I may be showing my lack of being willing to change. But I have had this web page up for quite awhile.  and haven't really had many leads generated. Most of the traffic has been directed by my personal direct or advertising. I was wondering if any of you have had a hosting company that works for you? I get all kinds of offers but never any real recommendations. Looking around at so many gets old. Who do you go with? What is a reasonable fee for their services?  Do many hosting companies actually drive traffic to your site?
I am … (12 comments)

buyers: Happy New Year.. Changes in store - 01/01/08 02:29 AM
I am seeing prices drop like flies in the Prescott Arizona area. Land is finally becoming affordable.
Yes people can now buy nice pieces of land and or lots under $100,000.
I am seeing buyers looking at buying and holding and even some that are looking to build a spec or two. That is good news. 
There is some light at the end of the tunnel, I hope.
I don't think I am the only one who was looking for 2007 to end.
What do we have to look for now.
I think and it is only my thinking.  Things may pick up it being a … (1 comments)

buyers: Completing a transaction, have you been taught or have you just winged it? - 08/08/07 02:10 AM
  I have seen to many agents give up on deals that have an opportunity to have a successful close of escrow. Just as buyers and sellers get fustrated so do agents. I suggest that if you are in a transaction you must remember why you are there. Weather you represent the buyer or seller you have to remember that they hired you to help them through the finding, negotiation and completion of the closing.  Sure there are almost always going to be bumps in the road. The difference between a agent and a successful agent is how they handle those … (4 comments)

buyers: Loyalty from sellers and buyers? Makes me smirk. - 06/07/07 02:23 AM
I just got off the phone with an agent I have known for a long time.  She works hard and keeps in touch with her sphere of influence. She called me to vent. She was really angry. She has been friends with this other lady a long time. She just took her to lunch a week or so ago. They talked about homes in the area and what they were selling for.  Then guess what happens, the friend (or as she says so called friend) lists her home with another agent. Man did that tick this agent off. She doesn't even want … (5 comments)

buyers: Listing agent suggestions to sellers when home is priced in the market? But no offers.. - 05/01/07 02:15 AM
We all have had homes that don't seem to get any offers no matter what you do. It gets hard to understand sometimes. I have one of those homes.  I just suggested to the sellers that dropping the price may help to promote an offer but dropping the price hasn't really helped so far We have gone from $285,000 to $269,000.  Home is well staged and ready to move in. So we are trying a different approach.
 I suggested that they offer a buyer incentive on the home. $269,000 price with $4,000 from the seller to the buyer for closing/down payment needs.
The seller … (8 comments)

buyers: What I learned from Rainbow Six Vegas on XBOX Live.. a challenge to Listing agents. - 04/30/07 02:18 AM
We all have our little things we do to clear our BRAIN.. I was playing a game online last night.  It is basically a 7 on 7 match with people all over the world. One team protects/defends the package, the other team trys to grab the package and get it to a waiting helecopter. It is a shooter type game. However if you don't have a plan and stay with that plan it is hard to win. So when I finished I was thinking. If I took that same tenacity in Real Estate what could happen. So I am going to … (3 comments)

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