brokers: Age as Part of the FHA Reverse Mortgage Formula - 09/20/10 08:14 AM
In order to be eligible for the FHA Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase Program, a client must be at least 62 years old.  If there is more than one person on title, the calculations are based on the age of the youngest.  The earliest that a potential client can apply for the program is, from a practical standpoint, 61 years and 10 months allowing for a 60 day closing.  I have closed more than one Revers Mortgage loan on a client's 62nd birthday!
Here is the actuarial life expectancy table that the Government uses that is built into the HECM formula:
Client's … (0 comments)

brokers: San Diego Senior Friendly Home - Perfect for A Reverse Mortgage for Home Purchase - 09/13/10 03:43 PM

This "Senior Friendly Home" is now available in the wonderful San Diego State University area and close to Cox Arena. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath single level home is perfect for an active senior couple. If you are 62 years of age or older, you can purchase this home without having to pay all cash and still avoid making any payments.  I've done the buyer's math for someone who wants to own this great retirement home.  It is currently listed for an affordable $475,000.  I've calculated how much money would be required as a down payment to make the purchase using … (0 comments)

brokers: Hotmail and G-mail; all contacts and history now lost! - 09/08/10 04:15 AM
On September 3rd, both my hotmail and g-mail accounts were slammed shut simultaneously.....period!  I've done some stupid things in my lifetime but this one takes a new kind of cake!  I must have set up my hotmail account around a decade ago and used a password that I could remember.  I've never felt the need to change it so never have.  No worms have ever crawled into my computers and I have managed to keep my computer protection services like Norton current.
Hotmail had limited capacity in the old days for sending and receiving data so someone recommended that I open … (2 comments)

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