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WHAT IS A SICK HOME?Most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors. That makes indoor air quality far more important than outdoor air quality for our health. The term “Sick Home” describes a home with poor or even hazardous living environments. Historically, the typical culprits were thing...
PORCHES, DECKS, AND PATIOSWhen designing your new home, most of the focus goes into designing the interior spaces. Outdoor spaces become an afterthought. After all, you will spend most of your time inside your home and those spaces do need to be well thought out. However, many don’t realize how i...
WHAT COMES FIRST?When planning for your new custom modular home, do you think about design and functionality first or do you think about square footage? The reality is that one drives the other. If you start looking at home plans based on square footage first then you haven’t really thought throu...
 CONSTRUCTION LOANS FINANCING STEPSLenders and custom home builders work with construction loans regularly. A home buyer may build a home one to three times in their lifetime. With all of the recent changes, even home buyers that have built a home before will be in for some new twists. However, p...

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