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BUILDING A NEW HOME VERSUS BUYING A USED HOMEMost people will go through the process of moving into a new home several times in their adult life. For many, that means buying an existing used home or buying a home newly built in a community. The process to purchase and move into one of these homes...
Having land for building a new custom home is a critical first step in the process. For some, they already have the land or they have been gifted the land from family members. For others, it is a process they must go through prior to starting the construction of their new home. In many cases, the...
Yes, You can Build a Home in the WinterIn the southern states home construction takes place year round. There are no worries that it will be too cold or there will be too much snow. In the northern states the old mindset was that you don’t build homes in the winter. If you can’t get the roof on b...

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