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Modular Homes and Site Built Homes are Both Stick BuiltI see custom home builders use this in their ads and billboards all the time, “Why Settle for Modular?” They are trying to imply that a modular home is inferior to site built. However, their ploys are misleading. First, all modular homes ARE ...
The Answer is, technically, Yes.This question, “Can I Build My New Home Before I Sell My Old Home?” is typically asked when someone starts to think about building a new home. It is primarily driven by the desire not to have to move twice. After all, that means packing up everything, finding a ren...
The Question That Many Buyers Ask           When you start shopping for a new car, do you ask the salesman, “How much do your cars cost per pound?” Of course not. What rational relationship does their answer have on helping you understand the cost of buying your new car? Are you buying a Mercedes...
Most people are familiar with traditional home building. You may drive by a community on your way to work or a custom home being built on an individual property and see a home build in progress. That process you see has been essentially the same since the 1830’s. Oh, many of the materials are bet...
Are you a Realtor attending the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show Jan. 10-12 in Orlando this year? If so and you are planning your schedule, have you made time for the Centrals? will be presenting in three centrals and lounges this year. C...

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