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Super-sealing a home’s building envelope is the single most cost-effective way to reduce heating and cooling energy use in a home. The building envelope is the physical separator between the interior and exterior of a home. Components of the envelope include: walls, floors, roofs, windows and doo...
Off-site construction is taking off. Many prospective home buyers are discovering that having their home built indoors, in a controlled environment, provides a better home for them and their family. While there are several types of off-site construction, advances in modular construction in just t...
Banks are averse to risk. This means that when they loan money they typically want collateral to make sure that if they aren’t paid back that they have some type of asset that they can sell and attempt to recoup their losses. In some cases, it is the reputation of the borrower. If the collateral ...
Buying a new home is exciting. It’s fun looking at models, viewing home plans on all of the home plan sites, and checking out the latest styles and designs on HGTV or Houzz. All of this makes buying a home a thrilling experience as you explore the options that you have. Still, many home buyers do...
Let’s face it, building a new home takes effort. Buying an existing home is just plain easy. You look, you buy, you move in. Well… it’s not exactly that easy.  Today’s housing market is tough. Home inventories are the lowest they have been in years. With interest rates rising and the low inventor...

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