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One of the old sayings that applies to buying just about anything is that you can have it fast OR you can have it right, but you can’t have both. Using modular construction to build your new custom home turns that saying on its head. The whole premise behind modular construction is to take advant...
Modular construction is a great way to build your new custom home. Many times a home buyers building site is in a remote area with narrow roads, narrow bridges, and tight turns. Other home buyers may live in dense urban areas with cars parked on narrow streets, have powerlines over the sidewalk, ...
Have you ever watched a baby as it learns to walk? As a parent you watch your child try to take its first steps and fall. They try again and fall. You worry they will hit a wall, land too hard on the floor, or hit their head on a piece of furniture. They don’t have those same worries. Their react...
The International Builder Show offers a tremendous opportunity to learn about innovations in home construction. This year I will be doing five presentations focused on using modular building techniques to impact new construction. If you are a Real Estate Agent, a remodeler, an appraiser, a home i...
Think about the last time you purchased a new car. You went to the car dealer and described the features you wanted. They went through the options, found a car they had that was the closest to what you requested, and let you take a test drive. If you had very specific requirements you could order...

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