modular home builder: Modular Construction is a Hurricane, Not a Tornado - 08/26/19 04:15 AM
Modular construction is not a new concept. The first documented prefabricated home was the Manning Portable Cottage built in the 1830’s by a carpenter in London. Fast forward to the present day. Disruption in construction by the off-site modular method has been coming. Modular construction’s impact on today’s home building industry is more like a hurricane than a tornado. We have seen it coming. But now it is happening more rapidly. It is a great time for today’s home buyer to learn about the advantages and act now. What typically happens is that those familiar with the old methods fail to … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Decoding Today's Home Technology: It's more than Google vs Amazon - 08/05/19 03:17 AM
The field of home technology is exploding! For most, it is just plain overwhelming. Are you Team Amazon, Team Google or Team Apple? Doing your homework to figure out what devices to install in your home can be intimidating. There are lots of factors at play. It can start with the device you are carrying in your pocket and then go from there. Smart home products run the gamut from sophisticated speakers and web-enabled displays to simple countertop toaster ovens and coffee makers. It’s the Internet of Things (IoT). Let’s cover some of your options in today’s world of home technology.
PICKING A TEAMWhen … (2 comments)

modular home builder: A Zero Energy Ready Home is an Investment that Pays Big Returns - 07/08/19 04:09 AM
If you can afford a new home, then you can afford a zero energy ready home. There are simple, low cost, steps you can take to significantly reduce your energy use on the path to zero net energy use. The technology exists, coupled with good design, to reduce the energy footprint of your new home. A zero energy home is not just a “green home” or a home with solar panels. A zero energy home combines advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels to produce a better home. Zero energy homes are ultra-comfortable, healthy, quiet, sustainable homes … (3 comments)

modular home builder: The 20 Year Regret - 07/01/19 02:51 AM
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese Proverb
This is a great quote because… everyone wishes they started something earlier.
I wish I had started exercising back in my 20s. I wish I had discovered being a YouTuber before it got saturated. I wish I had invested $1,000 in Amazon in 1997. You get the idea. But here’s the thing. You DIDN’T do those things 20 years ago. Opportunities that are lost seldom present themselves again. But, you have the chance right now to change the way you will live for … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Don't Be a Lemming! - 06/17/19 03:27 AM
Lemmings are small rodents that have been known to follow each other as they charge to their deaths off the edge of cliffs. This is actually an unsubstantiated myth about Lemmings, but they’ve become a metaphor for people who go along unquestioningly with a group with potentially dangerous consequences. Buying a home has become much the same way over the years. There are lots of homes built using the traditional method of construction; that means building outside, using the cheapest products available, rushing to get the job done, and using unskilled labor in skilled positions because of the current labor shortage. … (2 comments)

modular home builder: We've Got You Covered! - 06/03/19 03:10 AM
You see it on the news and hear about it on the weather reports. Rain, rain, rain. It seems like we have felt its impacts more than ever over the last 18 months. When building a new home, the first thing that has to be done is to build a foundation. Whether it is a slab, a crawlspace foundation, or a full basement, it needs to be placed in the ground. But Mother Nature is unrelenting. Construction is being delayed in all regions because excavation can’t be done and foundations can’t be built because of the rain. And this is just … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Off-site Construction-Are You in the Know? Take this Quiz to find Out! - 05/28/19 03:53 AM
Off-site construction is in the news! For residential construction, you may hear terms like modular, prefabricated, panelized, ICF’s, etc. The need to find a better way to build is being driven by severe labor shortages in the construction industry, a housing affordability crisis, and a lack of new home availability in the market. Off-site construction offers an opportunity to address all of these issues. The U.S. home construction industry is in transition. It is transforming itself from residential construction methods that have been in place for almost 200 years to automated, manufacturing processes to build the next generation of homes. During this transition, … (11 comments)

modular home builder: Constructuring: The Future of Home Building? - 05/20/19 03:52 AM
Custom homes are one-off creations. Home buyers, architects, and even traditional home builders have (incorrectly) thought that building homes using modular construction limited their design. That may have been the case 30 years ago. Today’s modern modular construction takes advantage of the innovations in engineering, structural materials, and design software to efficiently design and constructs a home in virtually any style and in any size. Modular turns home building from an inefficient site construction process into an efficient manufacturing process- introducing Constructuring. 
MODULAR CONSTRUCTION AND MASS CUSTOMIZATION  U.S. housing marketing is unique in the world. Americans have a strong sense of individuality and want to express that through the … (0 comments)

modular home builder: Your Credit Score and Construction Loans - 05/13/19 03:41 AM
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CREDIT SCORE WHEN APPLYING FOR A CONSTRUCTION LOANIn today’s world, your credit score has a substantial impact on your ability to finance almost any large purchase. This is especially true when it comes to building a custom, on-your-lot home. A new custom home is fulfilling a dream that not everyone can achieve. You are one of the few people that has set a goal to find that special piece of land and then dedicating yourself to designing and building a home that reflects your tastes, your style, and your specific needs. A few people … (2 comments)

modular home builder: The Difference Between a Green Home and an Energy Efficient Home - 04/29/19 03:15 AM
Many people use the terms “green” and “energy efficient” interchangeably. However, they aren’t necessarily the same. Even builders use them interchangeably which just adds to the confusion for home buyers researching building a new home. A green home is built from environmentally friendly materials. Being green doesn’t necessarily mean that a home is energy efficient. It can be, but this is where the confusion begins. Let’s examine what the two terms really mean and see how they can impact that home you think you are getting. 
WHAT IS A GREEN HOME?  No government standard defines what makes a green home green. There are many organizations that have created “green standards” … (7 comments)

modular home builder: How Can Modular Construction Mitigate Home Building Delays? - 04/15/19 03:37 AM
Building a custom home is not for the faint of heart. It is a process that will take time, effort, and patience. A custom home is unique. It has never been built before. Add to that the process of constructing it on an individual building site with its own unique characteristics. And then you are doing all of this outdoors in the weather. To build a custom home successfully is a process that takes patience, knowledge and excellent project management skills.  
Avoiding construction delays starts with recognizing their most common causes and working to mitigate those factors before they can impact the home building project. Planning is crucial, but it also … (1 comments)

modular home builder: On the Path to a Zero Energy Home:Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling - 04/08/19 03:55 AM
Reducing the energy required for heating and cooling is an essential element in meeting a net zero energy goal for a home.  An air-source heat pump is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems currently available. There are many variations of this technology on the market. An air-source heat pump works by taking the heat out of the air, even when outdoor temperatures fall below zero, and then moves it as hot refrigerant through a small pipe to one or more indoor units that deliver heat into the house. In the summer the process is reversed. An air-source heat pump removes heat from the home (even when temperatures get above 100˚) and delivers cold refrigerant to the indoor units. Let’s explore several variations of air-source … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Why Continue to Use Traditional Methods of Construction? - 04/01/19 04:07 AM
The enemy of change is the adage, “We have always done it this way”. While using a more efficient method of construction sounds good to the home buyer, the home builder now has to learn a new building process. The new process can cause stress and then add to it the fear of the unknown and most site builders become trapped using a construction process that hasn’t changed much in over 150 years. Building codes change all the time. Modular construction, because of its process, ensures that a home built in a rural area with no inspections is built to the … (1 comments)

modular home builder: What is Your Home Purchasing Power? - 03/25/19 02:55 AM
When you plan to build a home, it usually isn’t an impulse purchase. It is a big decision. Many think about building their new home for years. They dream and plan for the day they will be able to build the home they want for them and their family. Planning for how to fund the purchase of a new home should be thought about in the same timeframe.  
If you will need a mortgage to achieve your new home goal, there are things you can start doing today to help make you successful. While you won’t go to a lender and get pre-approved for … (0 comments)

modular home builder: On the Path to a Zero Energy Home: Highly Insulated Windows and Doors - 01/07/19 03:07 AM
Windows and doors can be the big holes in what is otherwise a very well insulated home with an airtight building envelope. You can better control heat loss and heat gain by using the right doors and windows in your new home. An often overlooked aspect of windows and doors is selecting the right size and correctly orienting them in the home based on the homes siting on the building lot. Here is a primer on windows and doors for an affordable zero energy ready home. 
WINDOW PERFORMANCE (A.K.A. ENERGY EFFICIENCY)  Windows are extremely important when it comes to designing energy efficiency into our home. … (1 comments)

modular home builder: On the Path to a Zero Energy Home: Energy Efficient Fresh Air - 11/12/18 03:51 AM
In the past, you may have heard that a home can be “too tight”… that a home needs to breathe. The issue isn’t that a home can be too tight. A home doesn’t need to breathe but people do! Over the past several years we have seen new building codes come into place that requires higher home energy efficiency. Building science has proven over many years that super insulating and super sealing a home is only part of the equation when creating an energy efficient home. While many homeowners and contractors championed these two items as the holy grail of energy efficiency, bad things happen if you stop there. The … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Is HGTV Responsible for Home Design Obsolescence? - 11/05/18 04:07 AM
Over the past several years we have seen new home buyers make many of the same or similar decisions when selecting colors and options for their home. It is almost uncanny how, when watching the DIY channel or HGTV’s new home and remodeling shows that, you can almost tell what the coming year’s choices will be. What makes it different now than it was 20 years ago is that buyers made selections for areas like kitchens and bathrooms that were very similar over long periods of time, or multiple years. Now we have added Pinterest and Instagram and Houzz to the … (1 comments)

modular home builder: Modular Homes: The Starting Point for Resilient Homes - 08/06/18 03:34 AM
(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. “babies are generally far more resilient than new parents realize”
WHAT IS RESILIENCE?From a housing perspective, resilience is the capacity of a home to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality during a disturbance or stress. It is also the ability to bounce back after that disturbance or stress. In general, the term resiliency refers to a building’s ability to withstand and recover from natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, and flooding. It also can extend to events like severe winter … (0 comments)

modular home builder: Getting a Home Mortgage: The Ten Commandments - 07/23/18 03:18 AM
Buying a new home is exciting! Most people will only build and finance a new home just a few times in their life. When you need a mortgage to get your new home there are a few rules that you need to know about. While some may seem like common sense, they still get broken by many home buyers. When they get broken, they can add weeks to the mortgage approval process or even worse, sink your hopes of getting a home for a year or even more. Here are 10 “Thou Shalt NOTs” you need to know about.
THE TEN COMMANDMENTSThou … (1 comments)

modular home builder: On the Path to a Zero Energy Home: It Starts with Design - 07/16/18 03:46 AM
The path to zero energy has gotten much shorter in recent years. Building materials have improved, building science awareness has increased, and home buyers are demanding lower energy costs and more comfortable homes. But a zero energy home is more easily achieved when it is designed in from the very beginning. While it may cost a little more up front, today those costs are minimal compared to the years of energy bill savings and the increased comfort to be enjoyed in a new, high performance home.
ZERO ENERGY IS EASIER WHEN IT IS DESIGNED INTO THE HOMEHere are several key items to … (0 comments)

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