new homes: Don't Be a Lemming! - 06/17/19 03:27 AM
Lemmings are small rodents that have been known to follow each other as they charge to their deaths off the edge of cliffs. This is actually an unsubstantiated myth about Lemmings, but they’ve become a metaphor for people who go along unquestioningly with a group with potentially dangerous consequences. Buying a home has become much the same way over the years. There are lots of homes built using the traditional method of construction; that means building outside, using the cheapest products available, rushing to get the job done, and using unskilled labor in skilled positions because of the current labor shortage. … (2 comments)

new homes: What's the Difference Between a Modular and Manufactured Home? - 03/18/19 05:40 AM
Today, there is still much confusion. In fact, we fight it every day. The terms “modular home” and “manufactured home” are used interchangeably by many people today. Home buyers, as well as industry professionals such as Realtors, Home Inspectors, and even building code officials, don’t know the difference. As an industry, we haven’t done ourselves any favors. They both start with “m” so they are easily confused. While they are both factory built cousins, there are key differences that make them two completely different types of housing. Let’s compare the two. 
WHAT IS A MANUFACTURED HOME?  Manufactured homes are constructed with a permanent chassis designed … (0 comments)

new homes: Fact or Fake: The Truth About Today's Modular Home Construction - 03/11/19 03:38 AM
The home construction industry is changing. The way we have built homes in the past won’t continue to be the way we build homes in the future. With the shrinking construction labor force, the constant improvements in construction technology, and the constant march towards zero energy homes that are healthy to live in – something has to give. For most, everything you purchase is built in a factory today… except for one thing, your home. Modular is a method of construction, not a type of home. Over the years modular construction has become the superior way to build a new home. … (1 comments)

new homes: Modular Homes: The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room - 01/28/19 03:16 AM
Yes, saying that modular homes are the 800 pound gorilla in the room is mixing metaphors. But, I think it is appropriate. The term 800 pound gorilla refers to something so powerful that it would crush would-be competitors. It is mixed with the term “Elephant in the Room” which refers to a controversial issue that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for discussion because it is uncomfortable… it changes the status quo. Modular construction is just that. It is a building technique that is so powerful that it can change the way homes are built across the country. It … (2 comments)

new homes: How We Get Home Modules to Difficult Home Sites - 01/21/19 03:59 AM
Many times we are asked how we got the large sections of a modular home to a home site. Did we use a helicopter? A helicopter isn’t the standard way to deliver modules of a home to a home site. The Sikorsky advertisement from the ’70s shows an S-64E lifting a home. Today’s modular homes are typically too heavy. In some cases, a single module could exceed the capacity of even today’s largest helicopters. But, we have other ways to get your homes modular pieces to some of the most difficult home sites. Here are some unique tools we use to deliver a home to virtually any location. 
THE MODULAR ADVANTAGE  As … (0 comments)

new homes: The Express Estimate: Budgetary Numbers for Your Favorite Home Plan - 03/05/18 03:42 AM
Express Modular and Architectural Designs teamed up in 2017 to create one of the most unique opportunities in custom modular home construction. For the first time, someone could browse over 6,000 plans from leading architects and designers and know if they could be “modularized” because of our exclusive Certified Modular Friendly Rating System created by Express Modular. But knowing if a plan is modular friendly just isn’t enough. The very next question is, “How much will it cost to build?”.  The Express Estimate was created to answer that next question quickly.
WHAT IS AN EXPRESS ESTIMATE?First, an Express Estimate is just that, … (0 comments)

new homes: Modular = Genius - 02/05/18 03:37 AM
Modular is actually a design approach. An intelligent method that makes building almost anything better. It is a process that divides a system into smaller parts called modules. These modules can then be individually created and later, assembled together. The modular process is used in many products we use every day; cars, computers, elevators, furniture, etc. Modular design works to combine the advantages of standardization with those of customization. It is the smarter way that industries have discovered to produce custom products using standardized modules or assemblies. Modern modular construction makes use of the modular approach when it comes to building new custom … (2 comments)

new homes: The (R)Evolution of Modular Homes - 12/04/17 03:58 AM
We still fight it every day. The preconceived notion of what a home built using modular construction is or isn’t. The internet and Google have become the best friends of modular construction. Home buyers are now, more than ever before, able to research building methods, materials, technologies, and home performance/energy efficiency without leaving their living room. What smart home buyers are doing is discovering modular homes and then digging a little deeper. They are learning that a modular home IS NOT a mobile home. When they do their research they are finding that modular construction (or off-site construction) is the way that home … (1 comments)

new homes: Modular Homes: The Key to Recovery After the Storm - 09/05/17 06:25 AM
In the last 25 years, there are four devastating storms that come to mind for most: Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey/New York, and now… Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Each of these storms has tested the people that were affected and tested the nation in supporting them. Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, set in motion a series of events that brought homes built using modular construction to the forefront. FEMA created and published a key study that determined modular homes weathered that storm better than their site built counterparts. This finding propelled modular homes into a key … (1 comments)

new homes: Did You Know Your Home's Roof Isn't Waterproof? - 08/21/17 04:23 AM
I think there is a fundamental misconception by homeowners that a home’s roof is waterproof. After all, we always think of sitting inside our homes on a cold, dark, rainy night and being warm and dry. However, we stay that way because a typical home’s roof is water-resistant, not waterproof. This may sound like a minor difference in wording but there is a world of difference between the ways you build a roof to be waterproof versus water-resistant.
HOW DOES MY HOME’S ROOF WORK?With a typical residential home roof, and even most light commercial office buildings that take on a residential look, they … (0 comments)

new homes: What's Your Style? Meeting it with Modular! - 03/20/17 04:45 AM
Many potential new customers that think about a new home stumble across modular homes in the research phase of their project. They learn about its superior quality, indoor construction and great value! Still others focus on its high energy efficiency and low-maintenance options. With an extensive collection of residential home plans as well as multi-family apartments, duplexes, and townhomes, modular home floor plans provide something for everyone.
With the advanced capabilities of most modular home factories and the flexibility of modern modular design, you have the ability to create your own custom design if you can’t find a standard one that’s perfect for … (1 comments)

new homes: How Can You Get a Modular Home to My Site? - 02/14/17 06:24 AM
First, What Makes a Modular Home Modular?
A modular home is basically a stick built home that is built offsite and then transported to the site in modules. When designing a modular home the architect, engineer, or designer takes a standard home design and then based on that design, determines the best way to modularize or break it up into pieces that can be transported. These pieces, or modules, are then individually built in a factory. Because of state highway limitations and the need to gain access to building sites, typical module sizes can vary by region.
In the northeast and mid-Atlantic where modular home construction is popular, highways … (2 comments)

new homes: How Much Does a New Car Cost Per Pound? (Or How Much Are Your Homes Per Square Foot?) - 01/13/17 08:14 AM
The Question That Many Buyers Ask          
When you start shopping for a new car, do you ask the salesman, “How much do your cars cost per pound?” Of course not. What rational relationship does their answer have on helping you understand the cost of buying your new car? Are you buying a Mercedes-Benz, a Kia, a Lamborghini, or a Toyota? Is it a mini-van, a car, or a SUV? Does it have leather seats or cloth seats? There are just too many variables and using that information to make any assumption on the final price you will pay for the car … (0 comments)

new homes: Building Systems Make Your New Home Better - 01/06/17 08:26 AM
Most people are familiar with traditional home building. You may drive by a community on your way to work or a custom home being built on an individual property and see a home build in progress. That process you see has been essentially the same since the 1830’s. Oh, many of the materials are better and technology has improved but again, the process itself has remained virtually unchanged over all of that time.  
What is a Building System?
A building system is essentially a highly engineered process of producing buildings or components of buildings in a highly cost effective and efficient manner. … (0 comments)

new homes: Can You Build a Home in the Winter? - 12/15/16 08:50 PM
Yes, You can Build a Home in the Winter
In the southern states home construction takes place year round. There are no worries that it will be too cold or there will be too much snow. In the northern states the old mindset was that you don’t build homes in the winter. If you can’t get the roof on before the first snow fall then you have to wait until spring. Today, with new technologies, new products, and improved construction methods winter doesn’t mean you have to wait for your new home.
Winter Weather Impacts
Practically everyone on a home site can work in … (3 comments)

new homes: Interest Rates and the Presidential Election - 11/18/16 05:44 AM
IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT WHO WONThis year’s election created numerous predictions of impact on interest rates depending on who won. In the post-election week, rates have jumped about .4%. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? While they are still at 3.97% nationwide (which is historically low), that jumps means an extra $42 a month in house payment for a $250,000 home loan with 20% down. This jump was probably more of a knee jerk reaction to the election and not based on any actual news or data. However, fluctuations in interest rates are possible. They have been artificially held down in … (1 comments)

new homes: 10 Things You Wish You Had Thought About for Your New Home - 10/22/16 03:36 AM
IT NEVER FAILS!You are about to move into to your dream home. You have been anticipating this for months and months. You have gone to watch the progress of the construction of your new home almost daily. You have been planning your furniture placement, buying new items, and fantasizing about soaking in your new master bath corner whirlpool tub.
The day comes and you move into your new home. You want to share your joy and pride with family and friends so you have planned a cookout on the new deck of your new home next Saturday evening. Just as everyone starts to arrive … (5 comments)

In the U.S. over 65% of households have a pet and in 2015 we spent more than $60 billion on our pets according to the American Pet Products Association. This means that most of America is sharing their home with a pet. When it comes to your home, there are lots of simple ways to show your pet how much you care beyond buying a new toy or pillow.
Here are some great ideas to include when designing your new home to pamper your pet and in some cases, make your life easier. Check out these great options for sleeping areas, dining spots, and … (0 comments)


WHAT COMES FIRST?When planning for your new custom modular home, do you think about design and functionality first or do you think about square footage? The reality is that one drives the other. If you start looking at home plans based on square footage first then you haven’t really thought through the process and may end up with a home that is too big or too small. A home that is too large consumes more energy, takes more to clean and costs more to maintain, not to mention the higher taxes. Too small of a home can lead to cramped living, stress, … (5 comments)

CONSTRUCTION LOANS FINANCING STEPSLenders and custom home builders work with construction loans regularly. A home buyer may build a home one to three times in their lifetime. With all of the recent changes, even home buyers that have built a home before will be in for some new twists. However, people are building homes every day that they had to get a construction loan to build. Sometimes it is hard to figure out where to start. To take out some of the mystery, here are the seven basic steps to getting a construction loan.
1. GETTING PRE-QUALIFIEDA mortgage pre-qualification will provide you with a budget estimate … (2 comments)

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